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King Arthur's Gold

Game review

OMG, I love it, like this L-O-V-E


Minecraft 2D

Game review

Please make animals in there :)


Nazi Zombies Portable

Game review

This is the best game ever but multiplayer is have some bug or lag.

Host: Moving, everything normal.

Join: Drop after 1 min or 30s. Can't move perfectly. The button response slow. Please help or upgrade it. Thanks

Make the zombies' part got shot and then lots that part like the really game. (exp: shot the hand 3 shots, lots the hand and blood shot out :)

Make PSP less crash.

Make the sound better and release the original sound for PSP version.

Add boss to the game like Call Of The Dead Map Boss.

Make the sky look more realistic.

In online, I looked and see that the player not actually holding gun in their hand but in there hip or belly.

Could you please add one more option to the GAME: customize map. I making map but outside the game, not in side. If you could do that, the game will be awesome like Minecraft or Lamecraft. Those 2 games win because just of building and shooting combined so they got to the top.

With all that, I think you guy will win the first prize.

He he.

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