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I haven't posted a video of mine in awhile! I know this is yet another game that's on Steam and not Desura, but hey you guys should know about them anyways! Secrets of Rætikon is in Early Access on Steam right now and so far I've had a lot of fun playing it, even though I did turn into some vicious bunny murderess stealing their souls for their life. But hey, fun times.

This game called Electronic Super Joy is out on Early Access on Steam, so of course I couldn't resist it. Turns out it's a SMB like game that's extremely frustrating all while to the tunes of sexual electronic music.

You just gotta watch it to get what I'm saying!

I had some PC troubles for awhile, but they seem to be over now so I was able to record a video which I haven't done sadly in quite a bit. I decided to celebrate by getting Ittle Dew, a game I've been waiting for for awhile. It's a puzzle adventure game that is heavily influenced by Zelda, if not meant to be a Zelda parody.

As most videos I do involving puzzle based games I fail pretty hard in the video. I make stupid mistakes and can't even figure out how to draw my weapon in the beginning (I is smart). But hey, isn't watching me fail the best thing about my videos? :3

Soooo Papo & Yo is pretty damn adorable. And I know I shouldn't find it adorable because it actually has a really serious meaning behind it focusing on a child who gets abused by an alcoholic father, but I suppose it's okay to find most of the game cute because it's the kid escaping from reality.

So yes, watch this, and then go get it because it is a really really great game.

I've been waiting a year for this game to come out, and it finally did and it's what I had hoped it would be. The art style is beautiful, the soundtrack is perfect and I could listen to it all day, and the game has a perfect blend of fun and frustration with its similarities to VVVVVV and Super Meat Boy.

Bunny Must Die!

Zombette Blog

I got a new mic and decided to celebrate by recording a game that's only available on Desura (as in not on Steam), Bunny Must Die! I play the game horribly like I generally do when I first start a game, and I wind up getting rather frustrated. Near the end of the video I pretty much hate the game, but later one when I thought about it I don't really hate the game. I just need to play it more and get used to it because it is really a rather cute game.

Updated Games List

Zombette Blog

Updated List of games I need to play on Desura since they're not available on Steam, but I got them in an indie bundle.

Bunny Must Die!
Flying Red Barrely
Cute Things Dying Violently
Super Crossfire
Serious Sam: The Greek Encounter
Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack
The Oil Blue
Soulcaster II
DLC Quest
Lair of the Evildoer
A Kingdom for Keflings
Outpost Kaloki
Band of Bugs
The Journey Down: Chapter One
Acceleration of Suguri X-Edition
Dino Run SE
Dead Pixels
Da New Guys
Super Amazing Wagon Adventure

Bundle Games not on Steam or Desura:
Jack Claw
Chocolate Castle
Jasper's Journeys
Zen Puzzle Garden

Will keep updating this blog as I get more Desura games.
Videos of these games will be coming soon on my youtube account:

Eufloria Gets Infected

Zombette Blog

Eufloria is currently on sale so doing a let's play seemed appropriate. It's actually a strategy game, though it differs from many others. They've put a unique twist into, and you're actually acting as leader of a bunch of seeds trying to get them to grow and fight off "bad" seeds.

It can be a slow game, but that's how strategies are. The music is very relaxing and you wind up getting caught up in the game just trying to keep little seedlings alive and helping them grow.

Hope you enjoy the video and can decide if it's worth buying or not :D

I do a Let's Play of the game MacGuffin's Curse which is an awesome puzzle adventure game made by the same guys who did Jolly Rover.

All subs appreciated as well as comments/advice on ways to improve my commentary :D

Also, feel free to friend request me on here! I has no friends D:

I play Fowl Space for the first time, a side scrolling shooter with plenty of innuendos and cheesy lines to satisfy your humor needs. Feel free to leave any comments with opinions, advice, etc about the game or my commentary. I'm always looking for ways to improve my videos ^^

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