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3sc0b4r - - 26 comments

Hello mr/mrs. Zeke Wolf,

My name is Sandy, and i'm DCG MoWAS 2 mod fan. i see in the comment session, the development of this mod is discontinued.
So, i edited some file to increase man power capacity, and point to buy forces. i also give foxhole mod for vanilla game in DCG.
Can i get your permission to publish my edited DCG on internet? so the other player can play DCG in different experience.
this my edited DCG feature :
- increase force size
- increase point to buy forces
- decrease the forces price
- 3 historical missions
- add foxhole (two options, you can use it or not)
- add robz mod forces
- 3 difficulties : 2x lower price for forces, 3x lower price for forces, vanilla

Thank you for your attention

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nulju - - 1 comments

Hi, i haven't found a solution to this problem by googling so i decided to ask you directly. This is what i get when loading a battle in the game itself. Running the original MOW in GOG, downloaded the mod from here.

Thank you in advance, Jere.

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Guest - - 692,403 comments

mowas2 with the dcg is THE best wargame ive played in my 20 years of gaming. the devs should have just made the game with the dcg already incorporated in the first place. it makes the game 100% better than vanilla. seriously though, the resetting inventory is maddening and almost ruins it. every other aspect is absolutely perfect except the loss of inventory. i lose my veteran radio operator and medic every time! and my allied sniper wants desperately to use his salvaged major konig scoped k98... this has to be something simple to fix, everything else works perfectly, even things that are significantly more complex.

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