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Current role in society = student at Ubisoft gaming academy Abu Dhabi. Previous role = freelance graphic artist and web developer.
Future role = game designer/programmer.

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JapMatch 101

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JapMatch 101 (made in UDK)
I am currently studying at the gaming academy at TwoFour54 in partnership with Ubisoft in Abu Dhabi. The outcome for first trimester is to create a deathmatch style map with assets using UDK and Maya. This is my first game map and was created in 9 weeks.
Symmetric in design to give players a fair advantage during play. The playable terrain was initially too big which was then resized to better navigate players to the central part of the map which is the main bridge. This is the main focal point of the map and was discovered after some testing. It is a 3 tiered map and has a Shangelila aesthetic style. It is set in a snowy valley of the Shangelila mystical mountains. The weapon and health distributions were evenly mapped out with large pickups in hidden areas of the map. The main bridge is surrounded by two fire breathing dragons which can kill you if you are not careful. Crates and drums were also added here as rigid bodies to provide more cover and make the overall gameplay more interactive.
Jump pads and moving platforms have been added to better navigate your way around the map. The moving sequences and mechanics were done using kismet. My inspiration for the design actually came from Uncharted 2. Initially my colour scheme was a bit too cartoony so I decided to change a few textures to blend in better with the background. I also added some post processing with an adjusted D.O.F (depth of field), a snow particle system and scattered snow terrains around the map. There were not many assets modeled in Maya just as much as I needed to add to the aesthetic style.
Hope you guys enjoy it as much as the testers. Rapidshare.com

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