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What should you look for in a browser multiplayer game? I have my own ideas, but here are a few:

Fair F2P: I will not play a game that you pay to win (P2W) because everyone in the community will always lose, even the mythical #1 payer. Your money gets used against you in these games. I actually quit a game like that to play this one. In RPG Reborn you pay for a few things which could help you get ahead on your skills (like EXP potions), but this does not affect the generally versus environment gameplay. This is how it should be done. Sadly, the mall does not have a ton of stuff or straightforward ways to get things in trade for gameplay itself. 8/10

PvP: This game has mechanics for PvP, but no one is required to do so. I wish there was more PvP enticing content such as minigames. 8/10

Typical MMO Elements: There are no parties, guilds, raids. There is grinding, friends lists, and useful upgrades. There are useful additions to the typical MMO design like server instancing (similar to MapleStory channels) and seasonal zones. 7/10

Typical RPG Elements: There are no true classes or standard limitations. Levels are advanced by what you do in game similar to Runescape, but this does so in a way that pushes you to specialize. If you want to do all 4 trades you have to create a new character. This system could use balance and focus. 9/10

External Support: There is a generic website, an underused forum, and 2 abandoned wikis. 4/10

Innovation: This game has created a strong in game community with few players. It has taken an abandoned game and improved on it. It forces you to act on your own instead of holding your hand. With these things it is better than many AA games and is the best browser MMO. 10/10+

Personal: I like how I can close the game at any point with 1 to 3 clicks. I like the tradeskill crossovers. I love talking to the developers. I like seeing that new content and updates happen.

This game gets a 10 because all the parts work together well.

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