M1A1master/BIGsmalll/M4A1APOX/iceascold(xfire)~ Specialized in Aerial and Armored warfare since 1942.

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Man this account is pretty old now.
I play a whole assortment of games, feel free to add me if you would like.
Battlelog: pillowpetJeff
League of Legends: BIGsmall22
War Thunder: BIGsmalll
Steam: Y2Kwidmer (I have Half life 2 to Borderlands 2 to Payday 2 to Company of Heroes to Counter Strike GO, tons of games)
World of Tanks: M1A1master (fuck I hate that name)

Send a message if you have any questions, my years of half assed modding and lukring this site might prove useful :)

PS: if any of you know good War Thunder anime plane skins hit me up I need to jump on that.

First blog?

First blog?

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You should reinstall WiC! :>

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Hello friend my name is James.
I've seen in forums that you have experience with mods (removing doubts etc.)
I would ask your help please, help me to solve this problem with Battlefield OMNICIDE FINAL.

I have the original Battlefield 2 (Complete Colletion) already installed the patch 1.41, 1.5 changed the folder of the mod
C: \ Program Files \ EA GAMES \ Battlefield 2 \ Mods \ Omnicide.

And so sp loads up half the screen then simply exit the game and back into the work area

My PC: windowns 7 (32x) 2GB, DDR2, Core2Duo GeForce 8500.

Be very grateful if you can HELP ME ....

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Y2Kwidmer Creator

So wait, when you updated the the game to 1.5 it changed the game path? Hmm, that doesn't seem right.. You sure it's Program files ? On mine its Program Files(x86) (Then again, I run Windows Vista (64 bit)). And the updated never changed the path.. Hmm, also there is problems with Battlefield 2 and Win7. I would try opening up Battlefield via its shortcut with admin access and run in compatibility Windows XP service pack 2. (which can be accessed by right clicking the shortcut and going to properties then compatibility.) Open Battlefield 2 then go to mods and see if it works from there. Also if you made a shortcut for the mod just use that instead of the Battlefield 2 shortcut.

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how do i downloand NoHope?

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