Hello, welcome to my profile in ModDB, i'm no modder, i don't know how to code, model, or make a sound. But heck, atleast i am a newbie at texturing and simple template coding. I am a suggestion maker,

Lastly, i'm a dream maker.

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Suggestions for RO

Xkiller300 Blog

Hey Welcome to this suggestions blog

Let us start with the Main Additions


-(MISSIONS) Fix the world map (as in fix some of the locations in the game)

-(MISSIONS) also make the map triggers Great! and don't make it poor just like in CS:DZ

-(MISSIONS) Readd all of the Expansion (extra) maps from the steam update

-(CT-Training) Make the Training more of a simulation, not a jungle.

-(CT-Training) Remove the Phoenix Faction in the test, rather add the CT into it, but they wear Phoenix Faction clothing instead (am i confused?)

-(CT-Training) Replace the CS logo to a eagle logo (Seal-Team 6 BTW)

-(CT-Training) Replace scientsts with different models

-(CT-Training) At the computer screens, replace the CS screensavers with neccesary ones

-(CT-Training) Rename "Counter Terrorist Training" to "Counter-Terrorist Training"

-(CT-Training) Don't make those grenades destroy the window, it will bounce instead. Also if you throw at HE Grenade to that window and explodes, mission failed.

-(CT-Training) You have to actually throw the SM and FB Grenades at the Dummy before you complete the test.

-(CT-Training) CT Lab Rat (The CT at the end of the weapons training course) is replace by a dummy with a camera.

-(CT-Training) Remove the Guards at the start of the mission, replace it with turrets.

-(CT-Training) Remove the "Ritual" Easter egg.

-(CT-Training) Remove the pull-push training (as it is removed in this engine)

-(CT-Training) Remove the hold-and-press wheel to the training, because all levels (including these wheels) are not here. (But if you want to add them back, go thru all the levels that have these wheels, and make them hold-and-press'able)

-(CT-Training) Replace the "Hazard" training course with fire and bullets, and explosions (Steam, toxins, and cold waters are not needed for it)

-(CT-Training) When you fail to defuse the bomb, just like in the GO Course in CSGO, it will emit sparks and smoke, it won't explode. Also you won't fail this mission, you just have to try again. Back where to the place where you called your teammates. Same goes when you got detected in the stealth course.

-(Recoil) Explain why Redtail 5 gone to a suicide mission (I mean let the seals tell their briefing, rescuing the crashed redtail 4 which the Delta Force sniper is found)

-(Recoil) Make the sniper assist you by shooting more accurately. And fires faster.

-(Recoil) The sniper's name is Jason.

-(Motorcade Assault) The VIP is a coward whenever he got to the bulletproof glass which the player can't get to it for some reason. Find a way how to replace that.


-(Motorcade Assault) But, if you want, you can add the "horde" system to this map.

-(Secret War) Rename "осторожно взрывоопасный жидкость (Danger: Exploding Liquid)" to "осторожно взрывоопасная жидкость (Danger: Explosive Liquid)".

-(Thin Ice) Add a Ready-made MP5 (or a AK47U) to the player at the start of the mission, and remove the blowtorch as it is not needed for this mission. (Or add that for melee purposes or for fun.)

-(Hankagai) Remove the 9mm ammo. (as no weapons with that ammo appear in the map)

-(Drug Lab) Rename "DrugLab" with "Drug Lab"

-(Turn of the Crank) SWAT is replaced by FBI. (but they still wear SWAT-like clothing)

-(Turn of the Crank) P226 is replaced by the USP.

-(Turn of the Crank) Make the FBI Follow you during the battle, also make them pros not noobs.

-(Downed Pilot) Replace the M4 (after apprehension) with the IMBEL MD (another weapon cut from CS BETA)

-(NPC) Since you are not a High-Ranking Soldier (only incase if the story says so) Some missions with soldiers that are high-ranking, soldiers that are low-Ranking will follow the high-ranking soldier instead. high-ranking soldiers can't be followed.

-(Weapons) Add a gas cylinder to the blowtorch, to make it more realistic, make the blowtorch usable to everywere. (Like a puesdo melee weapon)

-(Weapons) Readd the latin-type machete back to the game.

-(Weapons) RC Bombs are removed, Replace it with C4 Charges. (As in, COD charges)

-(Weapons) Make the animation for the camera as it is really uploading it to the CNC.

-(Weapons) FO Cameras are replaced by a tablet which you could see the CCTV camera.

-(Weapons) Add the first draw animations to the weapons (exept the machete)

-(Weapons) Replace the laser mine with the claymore.

-(Weapons) HE 'Nades can't destroy a tank, a SCUD or any vehicle. (No matter how many times the player threw it.)

-(Weapons) To make is more real. Add Left-Right Click attacks for the Dual Elites, and make those terrorists use them.

-(Weapons) Add the HK69 (a fire grenade launcher that is cut in CS beta.) to Motorcade Assault (as their loadout after he met the commander.) and in Downed Pilot (After apprehension).

-(Weapons) Make the USP more tactical. (SOCOM-like)

-(Player) Add the playermodel to the game. And add the player animations to it too. (both first-person and third-person)

-(Player) Reedit the HUD, make "Dyanamic Bullets" to the bullet counter, add a HP bar. and pressing TAB will see your mission objectives (i guess i did not see it coming)

-(ETC) Remove the delta force sniper riding a rocket at the credits

-(ETC) When you fail (aside from dying) ether by dectection or simply flying of the roof, it will simply black out and restart the map, (if possible, for faster loading, reset the map triggers then put the player back to his starting point.


-(MAIN) Add Coop to the game.

-(COOP) Readd the portable medkit (l4d like) to coop. Readd the syringe gun (revives incapped players) too.

-(COOP) The Co-op characters are:

- Jason (Recoil)

- Another russian operative. (Thin Ice, Secret War)

- GSG-9 Agent. (Lost Cause, Drug Lab)

- SAS Agent. (Building Recon, Rise Hard)

- The Kidotai Operative at the start of the mission (the one who is briefing the player) (Hankagai)

- SEAL Operative (Alamo)

- FBI Operative (Turn of the Crank)

-(weapons) add country based weapons to the game (The M4A1, AUG, USP, etc. Are unrealistic to Hankagai, replace them with Japanese weapons instead)

I Will add more later.

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