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Looking to learn the mod scene?

XaviorTrikiri Blog

Well, so am I. I've been surrounded by mod communities for over a decade now. It is time that I finally make my attempts at trying to fit in. I'm a 2D Pixel Artist / Music Composer, but that is not enough. I would like to just get to the point... Anyone who has thought about starting a mod, or acquiring skills to join a mod, look no further. I am interested in finding individuals who wouldn't mind using their free time to learn the different aspects of mod creation with myself. I would even start a group on Moddb for up and coming developers like myself.

I have nothing but confidence so I have nothing to lose. What I'm mainly looking to learn (or better yet, brush up my skills on) are:

1) Programming
2) Skinning
3) Mapping

Those 3 sections are mainstream. I always had an interest in modeling, but I just never could do it. The game engines I'm mainly interested in modding are:

1) Half-Life
2) Half-Life 2
3) Unreal Tournament 2004
4) Quake III Arena (ioquake)
5) Battlefield 2

Those are mainly the games I own as of now. Anyone interested in learning with me, we could all benefit really. Imagine learning how to steadily: Program, Map, Model, Skin, etc... It would be a fun experience. I"m surprised there isn't a group already created. I feel this isn't a waste of time, because in the end, it helps with whatever you do in game design.

For years I've spent my time creating graphics for people, and working on my own 2D RPG's, etc.. I'm ready to jump out of that realm, and into something new an exciting! If you're interested in helping each other learn the steps to mod creation, let me know in this thread. The tools I know best right now are: Graphic art (Photoshop CS4) & Music Composition (FL Studio 8 XXL).

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