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A thought and idea was hit together today to totally and utterly convert Empire at War too mass Effect. New Campaign, new units, new heroes, new characters, new story. EVERYTHING for more on it I posted an Article in the front page of the Fan group and the Developers group.

We are looking to go above and beyond for this mod. The Characters I will have a full background, we expect a website to come up within the next few months where we will set up a full "Codex" for this Mod. We plan to release Multiple campaigns if we can get the game engine to support it, the starting campaign will take place just before Mass Effect 3 when colonies of the Systems Alliance suddenly go black, The 43rd Patrol Flotilla is dispatched with the SSV Brisbane as its flag ship under the command of Captain Robert Falcon Blake. A Naval officer serving in the navy since The First Contact War. Bitter towards Turians and aliens in general he blames them for the lives lost at Shanxi and in the war that followed. With him leading the ground forces of the Flotilla is Lt. Tyler James O'Bryan, A survivor from Shanxi serving the battles proud, but he keeps a dark secret about his past that he keeps too himself. Explore these characters in depth as the full on complete and total conversion for the first campaign in the series is worked on starting around the time Mass Effect 3 comes out.

We will need full voice acting sessions and such which will be asked and tried for as soon as the website and characters profiles are up and running.

For a basic synopsis here we go:

Follow Captain Robert Falcon Blake of the SSV Brisbane as they follow up an
investigation of a Colony gone dark.

Lead the infantry front with Lt. Tyler James O'Bryan survivor of the Shanxi war he is now leading the shore party for the Operation Blackout investigations.

Thank you for your time and I hope you stay tuned.

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The Clone Wars group was taken, it will not happen again this is it's rebirth you are most welcome to return!

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