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Hi guys! I got a Story just for you! :)


Guys! I got a story! Ok, ehm... I'll starting just in some words...

Harlem Hellfighters, they are fight with the Russians in India-Napalm. Firstly, attackers(WSIS'S) used chemical weapons and blind-fold the bloody Russians after that, they attacked with their flamethrower. They burned down the all of the Russian houses, and burn the Russian civilians and soldiers that still alive. They killed all of 'em.

someone was just rank-up to a liutenit, (second biggest general in WSIS's German styled army). He was... unbelievable, burned down Russian flag and killed all of the Russians. He was so racist and powerful in the eyes of Father WSIS. So he call 'him. Second attack to 'Turks' India-napalm, there was a tank, 'Gewehr78 p' (P= Panzer) And it was so powerful. This tank just sliced the Turk units into two and pass through. But in a Turkish valley tank got trapped. And Father called the guy nicknamed "Joseffre W. The Hellfighter." he came in the minutes and they gave him a suicide mission. "Go to Gewehr78 p and save it." There was a Alditi-armored man, commander and two soldier in the tank but they was fudged up. But he accepted this suicide. Imperial army was ready for rescue so he walk out. To the 'no man's land' and the time was ready for him. Step by step, he just feel the blood and angry in every inch of the way, with a gas mask on face. The bloody hell was just right through him...

I wasn't here for days xd


Hi! it's me again, how are you (again) its kinda cold out here, are you warm, happy?

Huh, I kinda happy for now. Assasins Creed Unity was 88.5TL(turkish money) but I got it for 11.5! that's a deal mate. If you wanna know, "which website" its (yes I know its name is kinda... xd) this is not a AD . I just wanna tell if any 'turks' reading this ~

Where are you now? How are you now?


Where Are You Guys Now? what you doin' and howsit goin' ?

Are you happy now? or broken? just wanna ask. I like reading people's day or how are they. :)

I kinda good now. its hot and good for night. night is cold but living in a hot place gives you a security sense. :)pubgz skillz

What's going on?


WSISS EMPIREI have no idea why I'm doing this. But hey, there's someone saying "Hey, What's Going on?" How was your day?

I'll read for you mate. and maybe we can argue ;)

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