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I've been enjoying messing around with the Wiimote the past week or so. Haven't really gotten into using the accelerometer and stuff much, but its been a fun little exercise, dabbling in the basics of both the Wiiuse library and Irrlicht.
I said previous that I was semi-surprised that not too many big things were being done with the Wiimote & Wii in general. Well, I still stand by those comments, despite looking further into Homebrew Wii stuff today. Some of you may know about the Twilight Hack that allows you to run custom code on the Wii. Despite the most recent Wii update fixing this exploit, it looks like that a group of dedicated souls have already found a workaround for this to continue the use of Homebrew content on the Wii after the latest update.
That being said, unlike the popularity of PSP Homebrew, Wii Homebrew hasn't really taken off yet. Theres still not too many good Homebrew applications/games floating around the net yet - mostly Emulators and a few simplistic games (Asteroids, card matching games, Pong etc), perhaps with the exception of a Quake port. The great thing about the Homebrew community is that they generally share all their source code and activies with each other, so most of the utilities and applications (including Quake) are all open-source, free for you to learn from, or hack the shit out of.
I'm now looking very forward to trying out some Homebrew stuff on the Wii, and potentially doing some stuff of my own. Its a nice little exciting time for me at the moment, so I'll keep everyone (who cares) updated with the stuff I'm doing :)

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