I an a absoulete huge fan of BF2!!!!!!! i mean im in like 3 Bf2 unions and i am also a Beta Tester! i test mod betas for all sorts of games!!! if u need me as a Beta Tester PM me!!

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Beta Tester For DW:BaL

woweatme12345 Blog 2 comments

anyways your probably wondering what DW:BaL stands for and that is Drug Warfare: Behind Amercian Lines, The whole mod is about the Drug War with The U.S Custom Guards against the Mexican Drug Cartels, ask yoy543 for more info and if you can help us out in modifying and sound etc. im also one of the Beta Testers for DW:Bal and if you want to be a beta just ask me, (im the head beta tester and all) and then ill reply it to the mod leader but it is a great mod thats coming along fine but we could still use,

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Texture Artists
Hud Coders
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Beta Tester's
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and thats about it but i think when he says "Beta Tester" he means only "Beta Tester" but i think he also means "Alpha Tester" anyway thanks for reading! remember if u need to know more about the mod just contact YoY543!

Beta Tester

woweatme12345 Blog

well i will be a beta tester but i have no skills in desighning anything so if you need a beta tester just P.M me and i will get back to you if i can but i only can test mods for "Battlefield 2" and "The Elder Scroll's IV: Oblivion" and "The Sims 3" those are about it unless you have one for Battlefield 1943 (which is old) but those are it :) (P.S i will test things even if it doesnt run off a game engine but thats not concitered a mod so if you are basically making a game i will be happy to be a Beta Tester

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