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Specifically created for DOOM II: Hell on Earth, a mod is in the works for a complete overhaul of vanilla DOOM. Let me be more clear...

The mod is going to contain each of the following:

  • Vanilla DOOM weapons, with the option to aim and reload.
  • New switching weapons animations!
  • A cool name! (I can't think of one right now, but I'm thinking about a "volcano" theme with the name. Maybe "Project: Krakatoa" or something.)
  • Making it as lightweight as possible for lower-end devices (or mobile).
  • Immersive gameplay! For example, it's gonna contain peaking over corners, ledge-grabbing, tilt & swaying, and double-jumping! (You can control movement whilst in the air.)
  • A cool title screen..? (Actually, I'm not sure)
  • Increased value of armor bonuses and health flasks. (much like Brutal Doom's armor/health bonus value system, minus the brutality points)
  • Bullets that you can see flying!
  • Ġ̵͍̣̂͑̚̚O̵̰̲̗͂͝R̸̜̯̳̯̭̲̤͓̤̒́̋̾̋͊̓̕͜͝͠Ë̵̞͓̻̬́̄̀̓̀̇͂̕̕͝
  • C00l lightings!
  • Maybe dual-wielding? (not like Project: Uber's definition of dual-wielding, where you don't dual-wield with the same guns)
  • Custom crosshairs, 'cause why not?
  • Alpha/beta weapons!
  • A quick melee system and the option to kick.
  • G R E N A D E S
  • Smmmmmmmmooooooooth animations.
  • Improved AI.
  • Credits to people from whom I've borrowed from.
  • (unlikely) Angled weapons. Maybe..maybe not.

Things that I'm not adding in:

  • Quotes. Doomguy doesn't need to give me psychotic vibes.
  • Stilleto knives/bayonets. I'm not going that far with melee options.
  • The option to donate. You can chuck your money at the screen but not at me. Keep it. Thanks for your appreciation, though!
  • Different font styles. If I'm going "vanilla" with my mods, I need to stay vanilla!
  • Demon Strength Rune and a Berserk power-up overhaul. (Note: Berserk is still going to be in the game. I'm just not modifying it.
  • Allies, because taking credit for your kills feels way better than just waiting for other marines to get the job done.
  • Somersaulting left/right. If I were to add this, then crouch would have no meaning.
  • Black Gloves, because I just prefer the regular gloves.

I'll post pictures of the work and maybe even release development builds while I'm at it. This could take a few months, or more, I'm not sure. Making mods hurt.

WooD_Lusting Author

For now, if you want to get something similar to that, just play Daedalus's Complex Doom mod (if you haven't already):

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