Started modding games since some time in 2003/4, when the Desert Combat mod for Battlefield 1942 was very popular. Started off with recoloring soldier and vehicle textures, then moved on to basic vehicle/weapon coding until Battlefield 2 has been released in summer 05. Once again, I started to do recolors/reskins of BF2's vehicles and soldiers. In fall 2005, I joined the Admin team of the newly created BF2 editing community,, which has gotten very popular in the german BF2 editing scene. In fact, its still the first and biggest german BF2 editing forum, even though it's not as active as it was back in 2006. Also in fall 2005, I joined the Developing Staff team of the Battlefield 2 Modification "US Intervention" as a texturing artist but moved on to vehicle/effects coding and graphical design (In-game images and vehicle HUDs). While preparing for our next USI release, I am waiting for Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 so I get something new to fiddle around with!

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In the past few months, many people have asked me why I still work on that BF2 mod and why I didn't switch to a cooler game yet. Well, the answer is quite simple: There is no game that is better than Battlefield 2! I know, BF2 is a bit itchy and nasty, plus it's quite old, but it's still the best platform for mods like our very own USI.

Even though there is no real mod support from EA anymore, that rusty yet trusty "Refractor" code is what I'm used to, and I'm not gonna learn something brand new in the near future. Will Bad Company 2 (March 2010) or Battlefield 3 (TBA) be worth modding for? Will they even have modding tools or will they be completely locked down, or, as we say, hardcoded? I can't tell yet and neither can anyone else not working on one of those titles, but one thing is for sure: I will be waiting. And if they (or at least one of them) offer mod support, there will be modding! With me! And, hopefully, with our trusty Refractor code which will have all of that rust removed by then.

However, modding requires dedicated server files. Speaking of those, it's funny how 70% of Amazon's preorders on Modern Warfare 2 have been cancelled after Infinty Ward announced the dead of dedicated servers for the PC version. Hail DICE and their respect for their PC gaming roots! Dedicated servers are vital for PC gaming, and so are dedicated server FILES for modding. So please, DICE, give us the files we need to set up own servers :(

Whiskey out.

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