A Company of Heroes PC game total conversion modification,which expands the player experience to create a battalion scale tactical combat simulation called Enhanced Combat Leader: Beyond Overlord because it uses Relic Entertainments Essence physics Engine to create a vivrant 3D RTS game with dynamic new play mechanics.

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M4A3(W)  Sherman
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Welded hull. Late models had improved cupola, a loaders hatch, and wet stowage for ammunition. Had the GAA-III V-WC motor.

The original armament of the M4A3 series was the M3 75 mm gun. To be able to mount the gun in the turret it was turned on its side. Loading was on the right side.

The M34 gun mount was used early on but as it only protected the main armament soldiers in the field requested it protect the coaxial machine gun. The M34A1 was developed as a result and was standardized in October 1942. This shield was full width and had a direct sighting telescope installed.

The turret was a cast one piece design with a bulge in the rear to allow for the installation of radio equipment.11 The hatch for the commander could be rotated and there was a mount for a .50 cal HB AA machine gun.11 There was a rotating periscope for the commander in the turret hatch.11 The loader had rotating periscope in the roof of the turret.11 The gunner had a telescopic periscope that was synchronized in azimuth and elevation with the main armament.11 The roof of the turret also contained a 2" smoke mortar.

There was a pistol port in the side of the turret that could be used for ejecting or reloading shells.

There was a recessed ball race for the turret to revolve in that helped protect it from bullet splash.

The turret basket was bolted to the turret casting and rotated with the turret.

Later in production an armored cupola with six vision blocks replaced the rotating hatch. A mount for the .50 cal Browning AA MG was placed next to the cupola.

The hull was welded armor plate. At the expense of a desirable design it was easy and quick to manufacture.

There were two hatches in the top of the hull, one for the driver and the other for the co-driver. Behind the co-driver's seat was an escape hatch.

Wet Stowage
A ammunition storage system that had covering jackets of ethylene-glycol (later replaced by water) protecting the ammunition.

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