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My names Jamie, i'm 14 and been a gamer all my life. I'm a pretty all around gamer but mostly focused on shooters. When I grow up I would like to be a Video Game Developer and right now I am the Co-CEO of Ultasol Productions (a Partnership) and we are currently working on our first game. Sports wise, I love hockey (I play goalie) and tactical sports like Airsoft and Paintball. I am in abosolute love with Italian and Japanese food. My favorite two movies of all time are Inception and Ironman (1 and 2 :D). I'm a really nice person if you let me and I have excellent leadership qualities. Im very interpersonal (love working with other people) and would like to own my own profit gaming company one day. If you want feel free to talk to me about anything cuz im also great at giving advice. I have basic knowledge of C++ and good knowledge in Blender 2.54b, Google SketchUp, Solidworks, Unreal Development Kit and L4D2 Authoring Tools (Hammer). I plan on going to NC State University :D

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Turns out I couldn't wait literally more than five minutes to just keep my ideas flowing about defense games and how they could be a much more popular title, and my own ideas for a defense game I'd like to see, or even make myself some day.
So in the first "Defense" blog I addressed mainly my ideas for a class based system for the game and basic multiplayer aspects of it. But now I want to delve into what makes this game diverse and so re-playable.

Idea #2: Replay Value Constantly Increasing
Main Idea: So what's gonna keep players from exhausting the maps and weapons and other tools given to them, to the point where it becomes droll and boring? There's always DLC content which can be added every couple of months, or you can just constantly update the game monthly with new content. And by new content I don't just mean new maps. I mean NEW CONTENT. As in, adding new guns, perks, rewards, achievements, characters, skins, (of course maps) and other things. Keeping the game fresh and growing is a great way to increase the replay value. People will always want more.

Player Made Content: I figure this kind of game would be on PC (fine, or Mac), so I'm adopting a Valve multiplayer idea. Counter Strike: Source still has hundreds of thousands of players still playing after many years. How? By incorporating players to add their own content which is accessible by other players to enjoy. This allows quality modders to add their own well done creative ideas into the game, creating less work for the developers who need new content every month or so and giving more variety in ideas to the game.

DLC's: The DLC's for the game should have players getting excited for more than just maps. A typical DLC should look something like this:

  • Three maps with a similar theme fitting the DLC (For example a western DLC would include an old west town, a desert map and maybe a train road map.
  • One new game mode fitting the theme (For example a three day western coach escort, 5 minutes of day time moving protection, 5 minutes of night of stationary camping protection)
  • Two or three new guns (Western guns are easy, maybe add an old Winchester rifle, a .357 magnum and a .45 peace maker etc.)
  • One new builder item (Set up a saloon supply crate, which supplies alcoholic beverages for the team, that fix the players up to good health, but for a short period make them drunk etc.)

So as an overview, making new content more often and good quality can keep players interested and entertained. Also, adding mini-campaigns is never a bad ideas either ;)

James Moynihan

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