My name is David Lundvall, a game developer from Sweden. I started doing level design in 1998 after playing a lot of Quake 2 and Half-Life, my favorite games. Quake 2 with an addictive multiplayer and Half-Life with its immersive single player experience. And coffee is nice. :)

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Yesterday, when I came home, I just fell in the sofa and watched a movie. I was pretty tired after a long work week. After the movie I sat in front of the computer playing The Scorchers DLC for Rage. I spent another hour after that just chilling, browsing random YouTube clips, forums, random articles..

All in all, I had a great end to the work week and transition into the weekend. I have lot's to do outside the office, with Spherical Nightmares mod that requires me to dig through the longest list of bugs. Last weekend I managed to solve most of them. Not too many were solved during Monday-Friday, but at least some and I could also plan for this weekend. 90 bugs are now 35. Today and tomorrow I will crunch through the rest of the list and compile a new build for the second playtest that I will hopefully launch this Monday. It will go on for a week preferably, but most likely two weeks looking at how much the first playtest managed to lag. After the second playtest I hope to be able to set a date for when the mod is coming out. It's a long time coming, but now we are getting closer. The mod has been playable for many months, from start to finsih, now it's just going through the final polish, in all areas.

I have updated the mod-page for Spherical Nightmares with some new screenshots and news.

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