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Silverstag is awesome. Hope you guys could do a completely remake of the game with realistic medieval setting. Doesn't have to be historically accurate or related. would love to see cool sea battles which are available in some mods these days. Map doesn't have to be huge but love to see a change.

And for a new feature it would be cool if we could siege in a different way using rams to break the castle gate so there's no need wait in line in ladders. And some elements such as boiling oil in castle gates as a counter strike so both parties have more tactics.

Also it would be great to have commands in defending a castle or a town. like archers to be position in towers or line-in walls. so the real feeling is there. And peasants running and hiding inside the town. Sadistic lords army killing peasants while good-natured ones would spare in sieges.

And it would be nice to see kids running and playing in villages and towns. Even in my lords hall a lil girl would come and greet me. haha I want a daughter.. lol thats too much I guess.

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Hello. Can i change the equipment of my soldiers when i have my own culture in my kingdom???

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ah okay, thanks for the information. Very helpful. I guess ill good it a try then. I'm not sure if you have seen, but i suggested a map overhaul would be very nice because, personally, i feel that same map = same game, and the idea is to change it right? I think that new maps add so much, with new factions and troops (even if you just name them differently), but mainly it just seems fresh. Obviously it is a big task, i just feel that from personal experiecence it is important for a mod. Thanks

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Hi Windyplains,
i have just been looking at your Silverstag mod project for Warband and frankly, i think it looks to be one of the most promising out there, on-par with Prohecy of Pendor and Perisno. I know it is still in the early stages but your ideas for unqie units, advanced economy (really advanced, like MICRO-manage :D ) are simply revolutionary. I won't be playing it till a later stage i think, and so to my question.....
Could you give any indication, even rough, as to when it will go into a further stage like, with less bugs etc. I'm happy to play mods before v.1 but i feel that 0.2 is too early to fully enjoy it and appreciate your work.
So thank you. and keep it up.

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Windyplains Creator

The version number can be a little misleading. I began with 0.01 and increased it simply by 0.01 each version instead of 0.1 like many do. Right now we're overhauling the faction troop lists and working on smoothing out the item balance a bit. Once those two things are done the mod's version will be considered 1.0.

For now you'd actually find it to be very stable as it has been in development on and off for nearly 2 years with some of its features being things I developed for Floris earlier than that and thus heavily bug-tested. I expect we'll probably have troops overhauled sometime by late winter / early spring as it is a very slow process considering the sheer number of troops the mod's recruitment system is now able to take advantage of.

Thanks for kind words and I hope you enjoy the mod when you have time to try it out.

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