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This is truly a master piece, this has been the most fun I've ever had in a HL2 based mod. This game provides you with the experience of being a part of a rebel in HL2 as you experience the many dangers of the world of half life, this game has some nice eye candy improving the look of the game overall without the need of HD textures, and it's team based gameplay really complements what you see. This is what an updated half life 2 looks like. Personally I like this a heck of allot more than BM:S but there are some downsides to this game too that have to be noted. For example it's voice acting. Lets break down the good and bad of this mod.

The Good:

+Great immersive gameplay that really makes you feel like a rebel in the Half life universe

+Nice graphics and camera effects including head bob and improved color pallet

+Fun gameplay thats proves to be a decent challenge

+Balanced amount of realism, not too much, not too less and I love it.

+Voice acting

The Bad:

-Voice acting sounds sarcastic/unemotional at times

-objectives are some times unclear
[May I suggest an objective list/menu thats bound to a key?]\

-Holes in walls/Geometry leave openings to get outside of the map
[I don't mind invisible walls if there's nothing to see in that area (like houses or buildings, ect) If I really wanted to see whats there, I would just no clip]

All in all, it's a great mod and if you have been looking for a game where you feel equal to your friendly AI rather than a super solider, this is where too look. Thanks for the great game HL2 triage team, I'm going to be playing this for a while


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