Currently working with the source engine and getting a feel for coding in C++, Once I think I've had enough practice, Development will begin on my first mod Codename: "Son of Freeman", That also means I'm looking for coders, mappers anybody who wants to help; just send me a PM!

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Lambda Wars

Mod review - 6 agree

Being as honest as I can here, this game clearly takes ideas from some modern RTS games and that's okay, the best things in the world are copied. But unfortunately after 3 years of absence from the game, I'm still suffering from the same problems as I was back then, #1. The A.I are damnright unfair, they are too aggressive, more than 90% of the time their first move is to build 10 pistol units and rush to your base, before I've even got a barracks set up, forcing me to try my hardest to build more pistol units than the A.I, cause they'd wipe out my base before I can even capture a resource point, This is a big problem as it makes practicing a new RTS VERY difficult for new users, You can't rely on a glooming fan base to get you going, so ease of use should be your number 1 priority, #2 There are still no vehicles, none at all, even if you added vehicles, the maps seem to small to support them.
#3 Starcraft, Command and Conquer and Company of hero's are all different games for a reason, This mod basically squishes them all into one with a half life theme and it leads to some serious balancing issues as the mechanics of each game don't go together well, BUT it's not all bad, the sound assets are excellently used, the game retains a half life 2 theme throughout and never swings away from it, The unit's look fantastic and the graphics are solid/on par with HL2.

Overall this is a satisfying game to play, but It's plagued with balancing issues, Lack of content and broken A.I, The addition of a horde mode is nice, but never really does anything new and doesn't give me the "WoW" that I got when I first heard of it's announcement.

So, Is this worth a try? Yes, VERY YES. It's not great, but it's free and made by a small dev, with that in mind, this is a good title, but not something i'd play over C and C 3 or Starcraft 2.


The Stanley Parable

Mod review

This game is perfect, enjoyable, fun and incredibly entertaining and it's free!

Give my Gameplay commentary a watch if your interested, I go over most of the factors of the mod.


GTA: Raccoon City Stories

Mod review - 2 agree - 1 disagree

Tried for hours trying to get it to work, steam incompatibility, don't waste your time until its fixed. also gta3audio is a pain in the arse and takes about an hour just to transfer all the audio files.


Cry of Fear

Game review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

Perfect, creepy and with 6+ hours play time, is more of a game, than a mod!

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