Currently working with the source engine and getting a feel for coding in C++, Once I think I've had enough practice, Development will begin on my first mod Codename: "Son of Freeman", That also means I'm looking for coders, mappers anybody who wants to help; just send me a PM!

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Taking place 22 years after the events in Half Life 2 Episode 2, in city 18, you will take the roll of Dr. Freeman's 20 year old son, also a member of the rebellion, "Freeman Junior" suffers a life filled with struggle and agony, Dealing with his mothers death at a young age, he grew up with his father, at the age of 20, his father was kidnapped and beaten for his crimes against the combine, it's his sons duty to enter city 18 and save his father from death.

"Freeman Junior" Is a rebel free-runner, who uses the half life signature crowbar as a "tool" for free-running, using it to zip-line, run across walls, drop down from buildings etc.

Son of Freeman is set to be a free-form sandbox style game, but like half life, will play in a linear fashion.

Will feature the ability to duel wield guns with the crowbar while free-running

"Freeman Junior" is currently unnamed as of yet.

I need any coders or mappers willing to help with this project!

This project has not started yet.

Current status-Planning stages

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