Not too interested in modding anymore, but I'm an avid user of Deviantart and Flickr. I still love playing dem mods though, haha.

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Report RSS Vepr Industries - SI Cabal Eight-Shooter Revolver (view original)
Vepr Industries - SI Cabal Eight-Shooter Revolver
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ORIGINAL SKETCH (also made by me):

I apologize for any errors in advance, I'm rusty as I haven't built any guns in three weeks.


Vepr Industries - ~Sandmeyer Industrial~ - SI "Cabal" Eight-Shooter Revolver

Ammunition :
> Standard - Elomor Custom Rail Ammunition
Magazine : 8 rnd
Range : Medium
Rate of fire : N/A
Firing modes : Double Action only

The first of the industrial line, the Cabal is an excellent piece of high tech machinery from our arms division. While it has a high recoil and supremely loud noise, the combination burning plasma and electric rounds allow for supreme damage. With it's exclusive railgun design, it has a relatively long range for such a short and concealable gun.


Butaso Incom World News - Headline
23 March 2856

"VeprButaso Takes Over Planet"

Vepr Industries, the galactic supplier of spacecraft, consumer utilities, electronics and arms, has recently overthrown our own government, perhaps for the better.

Introducing a share-based voting system, the more stock you own, the more say you have in the government.

Critics such as Mumbaso Grouit have already exclaimed concern for human rights, privacy and suffrage issues. However, on their official Butaso IR account, they have made the following statement:

"Creating a share ownership government will help to make this planet an aspiration nation. Your privacy and rights are respected as they have always been.”

A recent poll has found that most humans older than forty five do not support this notion, will the younger population is rather supportive of the new change.

Credit to falcon for the hex pattern.
Woitek for trigger and trigger guard
Sandmeyer Industrial text not Pmg. Added with

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