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What I'm about to rant about here has probably been done before but I need to get this out. Why does everything immediately link back to video games. Someone shoots up a school because they have mental problems but wait no plot twist he played video games in his spare time. I guess video games made him into a violent killing machine. This needs to stop. The Media, Politicians and just average people have got to stop with this eventually right? No but they are right, I mean didn't you hear that Hitler played GTA on his spare time and Witch Hunters were big fans of Postal? Right there makes my point...people have been killing people since before video games. Why does everyone focus on Video Games? Remember when they said comic books were dangerous for children. Look how that turned out. Now its Video Games but why? The real problem is either the Parents aren't around to teach their children that people don't respawn in real life and that when you pull that trigger it's over. Or it's Parents not taking an interest in their chids life and not realizing that their children have mental problems. Let's be honest, if you cant tell the difference between whats behind a tv screen and real life, son, I think you might have a condition. Another problem is the Internet. If you have a radical idea you will find someone else on the internet who agrees with you no matter how radical your idea is. If you believe that the moon is made of cheese, you will find someone who agrees with you. Another problem, if you want to learn to make a pipe bomb, you will find out how to make one. Also where are the mental health institutions we need more of? What I hope you gather from this short rant(I'm not as good as a writer as I am a speaker for some reason, I can go on this way longer and more in depth talking about it, also my hand is tired) is that blaming Video Games isn't the answer.

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