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i am a small-time voice actor with some skill both in mimicry and a 15 year education in music. i am here to assist any modding teams who want someone for voice over or musical in-put. please feel free to message me if you have any interest in using my talents. i expect this will be an... interesting... experience.

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while i am by no means a modder of any caliber in the computer gaming community, i have quite a lot of experience changing one tabletop system into an other setting with ease. this includes such works as Warhammer 40k d20, Farscape d20 and even a Civilization Builder d20 that functioned much like a mix of the computer games Stronghold 2 and Lords of Magic combined. while i have NO ability as a computer modder, my concepts are almost limitless, including possible ingame quirks and fetures. here are a few ideas for any modders who have either nothing to do or an interest in off the wall ideas. i will, of course, be able to help in any conceptual development if desired.

Men of War: Tiberium Age
this would be set in the old "Command and Conquer" setting. the idea is that it could stretch back as far as the first C&C that was so popular and go no farther down the timeline than C&C 3, which was still a great game despite the scrin. obviously, this would be a mod for Men of War or it's successor MoW: Assault Squad. this would obviously give a wide range of freedom, allowing the modder to pick units from any of the 3 titles and their expansions to fill out the rosters of the Brotherhood of Nod and the Global Defense Initiative. the idea is to bring back the old Command and Conquer feeling while giving a new thrill. who hasn't wanted to use a small group of Mammoth Tanks to blow out a Nodi tank division or a Flamethrower Tank to incinerate the almost unstoppable hordes of GDI Grenadiers? lets not even get started on the GDI commando, the Nod Avatar (from C&C 3) or the Shadow Teams, all of which were incredibly fun. it might be a nice shock for people who liked the old C&C games to see that kind of fire brought back...

Battlefront 2: Celestial Rings
this idea is not quite so obvious from the title, but this way of saying it might make it more obvious: Starwars Battlefront 2: Halo. unit roster would be as followed:

Sangheili Major (Red) (Fuel Rod Gun/Covenant Carbine, 4 Plasma Grenades/Shield Generator [slightly weak])
Unggoy Major (Red) (Needler/Welder, 3 Combat Supplies/4 Z-Space Charges)

Sangheili Minor (Blue) (Plasma Rifle/Plasma Pistol, 4 Plasma Grenades/Shield Generator[very weak])
Unggoy Heavy Support (Green/brown/black) (Fuel Rod Gun/Plasma Pistol, 2 Plasma Grenades, 3 Z-Space Mines)
Kig-Yar Sniper (Beam Rifle/Plasma Pistol, 2 Sentinel Turrets/2 Plasma Grenades)
JiralHahnae Illregular (Mauler/Welder, 3 Combat Supplies/3 Z-Space Charges)
Sangheili Special Operations (black) (Needler/Energy Sword, Active Camouflage)
Sangheili Omega (Silver) (Dual Plasma Rifles/Energy Sword, Shield Generator [Moderately Strong])

Possible Units
Kig-Yar Skirmisher (replaces Sangheili Spec-Ops on certain maps) (Wrist Shield and Plasma Pistol, 2 Plasma Grenades. can Shield Block[as a lightsaber would]) this one would be very much up in the air as i do not know how someone would script being able to wield a gun AND be able to block in Battlefront 2. when blocking, the sheild would appear. when not, it would vanish and the "jackal" would hold it's pistol in the usual way. it would be some hard modding, that's for sure...
Jiralhanae Chieftain (replaces Unggoy heavy support on certain maps) (Brute Shot/Plasma Pistol, 2 Plasma Grenades/3 Z-Space Charges)
Sangheili Honor Guard (replaces Sangheili Omega on certain maps) (Needler/Energy Sword, Shield Generator [quite strong])

Possible hero Units
The Arbiter (Covenant Carbine/Energy Sword, Shield Generator [moderate]/Active Camouflage)
Arrival "I am here, at your request..." Killstreak "like the rest of your race: weak." Departure *sanheili voice*"The Arbiter is Down!" Alternate *Unggoy Voice* "THEY KILLED HIM! RUNN AWAYYYYYYY!"
Prophet of Regret (Dual Plasma Rifles [mounted], Overcharged Covenant Assault Cannon[long charge up, long cooldown]/Gravity Flux[like force push])
Arrival "you fools know nothing of the great journey!" Departure "NO!...not like this..."
Tartarus (Gravity Hammer, Shield Generator (strong)/Gravity Flux[like force push])
Arrival " *growl* what do you want?" Departure "GAAHHHHH!"
Sangheili Councilor (Needler/Dual Plasma Rifles/Energy Sword, Shield Generator [strong])
No Arrival or Departure sign
Mgalekgolo (Covenant Assault Cannon/Hunter Shield, Rage [As General Grevous])
No Arrival or Departure sign

Vehicles and Flightcraft will not be discussed here.


UNSC Marine (Assault Rifle/Rocket Launcher, 4 Fragmentation Grenades)
UNSC Pilot (Magnum/Welder, 3 Combat Supplies/4 Z-Space Charges)

UNSC Marine (Assault rifle/Plasma Pistol, 4 Fragmentation Grenades/4 Plasma Grenades)
UNSC ODST (Rocket Launcher/Plasma Pistol, 2 Automated Defense Turrets[yes, ADTs rather than nades. ODST's should be expected to secure a landing site]/5 Z-Space Mines [yes 5, not 3. this is to balance out the melee and shield heavy covenant])
UNSC Sniper (Sniper Rifle/Plasma Pistol, 3 Plasma Granades/2 Automated Defense Turrets
UNSC Field Engineer (Shotgun/Welder, 3 Combat Supplies/3 Z-Space Charges)
UNSC Commando (Battlerifle/Magnum, 3 Z-Space Mines/2 Z-Space Charges. jetpack)
Mk2 Spartan (Battle Rifle/Energy Sword, 1 Air Strike Beacon/Shield generator[moderate]. rapid sprint Jumpjets)

Possible units
Mk1 Spartan (replaces UNSC Commando on certain maps) (Battlerifle/Magnum, 3 Z-Space Mines/4 Combat Supplies. Rapid Sprint)
UNSC Black Ops (Replaces UNSC Commando on certain maps) (Sniper Rifle[or beam rifle]/magnum, 3 Z-Space Charges/Active Camouflage)

Possible Hero Units
John 117 (Master Chief) (Assault Rifle/Energy Sword, Sheild Generator[Strong]/Armor Lockdown)
Arrival *sargent johnson* "hey chief! glad you could join us!" Killing Streak *Cortana* "COULD WE POSSIBLY MAKE ANY MORE NOISE!?!" Departure *Sargent Johnson* "chief! CHIEF, COME IN! damn it!"
Sargent Johnson (Shotgun/Sniper Rifle[alternate weapons possible], 3 Z-Space Charges/6 Z Space Mines)
possible Arrival and Departure signs as yet undetermined.
Monitor 343 (Guilty Spark) (Dual Sentinel Beam/Dual Needler, jetpack/shield generator[weak])
Arrival "DUTdadodadoooo.. Yes, Reclaimer?" Killing Streak *humming continues* "so easy..." Departure "you are only postponing the inevitable."

those two will have to do for now. feel free to give any kind of feedback or ideas.


Thanks for tracking WFAS Demon mod

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Thank for following our mod, Star Wars Battlefront: Tides of War. We appreciate your support.

Please check for updates regularly, we'll continue to work hard on this mod and we'll continue keeping you updated.

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thanks for watching our mod :)

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