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Since I've been getting an overwhelming number of people asking why I'm back a month early, I created this blog to handle that duty. For those of you who do not know why I left and didn't bother to check, I left to Air Force BMT (Basic Military Training) on December 17th. I had arrived later at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas on December 18th. Three days in, we were asked to fill out a sheet describing how we felt and I answered truthfully that I was depressed and sleep deprived (you hardly get any sleep the first 3 days I hear). Soon after I was called in to a comfortable building with a bunch of other kids where we were asked individually to verify why we answered those reasons.

I elaborated that I simply felt homesick and was having some trouble sleeping due to the stress we were going through. I was then asked if I wanted to see a psychiatrist...and at first it sounded like a great idea. It was a good way to figure out what was going on with me so I could clear my head (I could hardly concentrate or think...boot camp was taking it's tole on my mental health already). Right after I was called outside by my escort who then directed me to an ambulance...a freakin ambulance.... Yep, they made me strap down too. I had the greatest look of disbelief on my face I've ever had in my entire life.

I mean, what did I expect from people who think looking at a girl is considered sexual harassment or who think the Bible belongs in the non-fiction section of the damn military library?

I was then dragged to the hospital to where I was evaluated by a psychiatrist. The doctor determined that I had something called Adjustment Disorder (basically depression caused by attachment to family, friends, and home). I tried to fight my case but the Air Force kept saying "NO", to which I was forced to undergo the separation process at med hold. I stayed there for 3 weeks so they could out-process me out of the military. It was a huge change from BMT; it goes from doing nothing AT ALL. You seriously just do chores around the dorm while getting paid liek a baws, then just sit in your dorm room and stare at a wall or talk to other guys in the dorm.

Boring, ain't it? It was, although I must say it's a great way to save up money which I sure as hell did. I made some BANK on this experience and learned a lot. Did I really hate BMT? Not really. I thought there were some incredibly stupid laws there though. But hey, it's 'merica, where else did I expect our tax dollars to be going to?

Next time I think I'll think twice before I sign my life off to some government. Oh and btw, if you are in the military and are offended; don't be. I am simply trying to remain positive about them discharging me for what I thought was a ridiculous reason. The Air Force; I put it now, is simply not for me. I didn't like the fascist system of authority (the absolute glorification of the military, the destruction of the individual, and the emphasis on putting your life on the line for the country). But hey, if that's what made Nazi Germany strong, then it will make 'merica strong too, right? It did, but it had it's consequences; suicide rates are at an all-time high as of right now in the military.

Again, please don't be offended if you love the military. I respect America's military as I also respected Nazi Germany's for being powerful. However, now that I am out and have free will again, I am allowed free speech and to criticize its training methods if I so choose (which honestly I had few problems with despite what I had already mentioned).

It was definitely an adventure. My advice to anyone who wants to join the military is to not make the same mistake I did (telling them you are sad, which gets you kicked out now; I had no idea this would happen after them going through all the trouble of getting me there safely). The USAF will kick you out at a moment's notice because they are looking for the best possible Airmen and they are just getting too many trainees. They have been literally cutting thousands of Airmen and plan to cut thousands more in 2013 alone.


Is it like this?

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Velancious Author

If you mean the USAF royally screwed me out of it, then yes. Also, Full Metal Jacket is a great movie and that was a great scene.

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This does not suprise me. The idea of beating down a recruit and turning him into a human machine designed for killing is old as the world itself. I believe the US, RF and certain Asian nations have a "knack" for this type of training.

This is also common in police, Think of the SWAT or other higher police officers. For example: in Poland this "subject treatment" has been problematic to the point there are 2 high profile staff suicides a month on the average (not counting dead occasionally dead family members). This is largly unspoken but for your military superiors it would have been ideal if you had no emotions at all.

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Velancious Author

I really feel that if I had stayed, sadly I would've lost my thinking mind and turned into a drone; which is honestly what they mold you into.

That's why I view this as a new chapter in my life and a very influential one BMT was. I learned a lot there and I don't regret ever going.

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you would have turned into a drone like the ones in prototype 2 :D

Fortunately you keep your emotions, a free thinking mind and stay a civilian that is not guilty for killing/opressing people in other countries thats good isnt it?

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bro the government is just one big war machine for the christian super powers of the world, all led by the pope and his excommunications

you got lucky to get out

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