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This a long over-due follow-up to my last blog. I don't know if it will be as long as the last or shorter-although it's much likely to be shorter considering it's more of a wrap-up to it.

I've gotten this question asked a lot to me and it has bugged me for some time: Velancious-why do you care about what "idiots" think of? Why not just ignore them? Why not just simply dismiss them and move on?

Well, first off. I like to consider every human is equal and that his/her ideas are on equal ground with mine. You could say that humanity deserves eradication-and I won't immediately disagree. However, I will ask simply: Why?

That's the golden question with me. Intention matters; or more specifically, the reasoning behind your beliefs is what helps rationalize your views for me. If I cannot rationalize your beliefs, then I have a feeling you might be crazy, or not considering the full picture of things.

As for why I care about what they think of: everything is linked on this planet. What happens to you, what happens to me, can set off a butterfly effect where one change, such as a butterfly dying, can impact the future in drastic ways. Idiots have gained support in the past, and there are MANY ideological groups on the internet who have gained too much support. A fun one to discuss personally, is the laughable "social justice" and its social "justice warriors."

Social Justice:

Social justice on the blogging site tumblr is a unique case. Attention whores of all types come there to blog about what they think is the cause of the world's issues. This always involves an oppressor. A group that is inherently evil and determined to oppress everyone else. (White people, tall people, skinny people, etc...)

As we all know, not any one group is one hundred percent pure evil, especially when it's as fucking trivial as SKIN color or some other nonsense. Now, I believed I bitched about feminists before on my blog, and there's a definite reason for that: feminazis on tumblr are a huge part of the social justice scheme. With them, they hate men. They despise men. However, they claim to be for equality....interesting. Are you noticing a pattern here because from what it looks like, social justice warriors seem to love attributing blame to one party while claiming to love equality. (A direct contradiction, if I might add)

Now, when I first heard about the whole brony thing, I thought feminists would love the idea of it. It was men appreciating a show that was marketed towards girls. What's the harm there? I mean, after all, feminists seem to love it when girls get equal treatment in "guy stuff" like sports, video games, and guy-marketed TV shows.

I was dead wrong, but hilariously wrong I was. Feminists on tumblr reacted negatively-even going so far as to criticize bronies for being into a show "made for women". Isn't it just...interesting how one can claim to be for equality yet be completely against it? Maybe that's because....they aren't for equality but instead-are just bigots in disguise pretending to be?

Oh well, regardless, idiots will be idiots. What can you do? Oh wait-laugh at them. Seriously, I recommend anyone who actually took the time to read this article to look up the "tumblrisms" series on YouTube to see what I mean. What I just talked about was just the tip of the iceberg with social justice, so you are bound to enjoy laughing at the insanity of these people.

Throughout my time on the wonderful place that is the internet, I have come across arguments used that were at their best, idiotic; and at their worst, downright manipulative. The majority of anti-brony behavior exemplified on the internet is one generated through a constant flow of rhetoric; phrases and sentences that sound powerful but are really just repeated gibberish with no basis in reality. This is what we call a bandwagon on the internet and they are some of the more disturbing trends in human behavior. Some even completely go out of their way to blame bronies in situations that could never be the bronies fault nor do they ever seem to give a good explanation as to why bronies are such bad people. They just are. Apparently. And we all should know how horrible they all are because....they're bad people, ok? It's a show for little girls, FFS!

This isn't to say there exists an actually good anti-brony argument, it's just that many of them are contradictory to their efforts and downright fallacious while having seemingly large support on communities like YouTube and tumblr. (Both equally known for their shitty communities)

I thought over time seeing these stupid arguments and their influence would become a thing of the past, seeing as how brony extremism has already become rarer than gold itself. (It's been a good year since I remember seeing any form of brony extremism; the majority of brony communities I've been to even despise the behavior) However, anti-brony behavior comes with a bandwagon and when things have a bandwagon, they never stop being an issue because the comment section becomes a massive circlejerk for them. Why should they stop? They want to appear like the majority, after all. We all know the majority is ALWAYS RIGHT, huh?

So without further ado, here are some common anti-brony statements with rebuttals attached:

1. "This is why I hate bronies"

This one isn't even an argument and serves more as an opinion. Normally I ignore shit like this, however, at the frequency and ridiculousness it is often used and employed for manipulative effect, I have to make a comment regarding the use of this phrase.

The most recent time I saw this used was on a video regarding a GMOD PonyRP server. Yes, that's right. GMOD Roleplay. If you've never been to a GMOD Roleplay server then I'd feel lucky to be you. GMOD Roleplay by itself is at its best silly and at its worst, filled with RDMing little kids and people having public sex out in the streets. Now what is blamed for this? Bronies. Of course, because it's a pony server, MLP fans are the problem. Clearly, GMOD Roleplay was NEVER like this to begin with. It was only when bronies came around that the internet started to SUCK. You'll notice very quickly that this theme does not deviate from anti-brony rhetoric. It even goes so far as to say they'd like bronies to have no voice on the internet and to be censored from public sites.

All silliness aside, these comments tend to get a lot of upvotes yet are nothing more than bandwagon statements that anti-bronies can jerk off to together. (Another reason why you shouldn't take comment sections seriously) As if they haven't been talking shit about bronies for years now.

2. "Bronies RUINED the internet!!!"

This one is funny more than anything. It seriously is implying that bronies, a small 10% minority on the internet at best, have ruined the internet. There is no need to exemplify how much of an exaggeration this has to be when you consider the full scale of pony modifications and content on the internet. I'm sorry to offend anyone but if you truly feel seeing a pony thumbnail is ruining your time on the internet then you are fucking MENTAL.

I'd say I was fucking insane too if I was frothing at the mouth because something I didn't like or approve of is on a public uploading site I frequent.

3. "Bronies are disgusting"

Another funny, blanket statement used regarding issues surrounding clop aka pony porn. What these people don't seem to understand is that a small fraction of the entire brony community admits to actually clopping and an even smaller minority makes it. The best part about this buzz statement to me is that clop would still exist had bronies not even existed, effectively proving the entire point of R34. (The idea that porn exists regardless of whatever the subject is)

I would also love to hear these people's opinions relating to porn made of Pokemon, seeing as how this statement seems to refer to sexualizing animals. Pokemon porn is also extremely popular on sites like Rule 34 as well as tons of other anime porn starring tentacles. (Hentai)

As you can already tell, these have all been buzz phrases used primarily to get upvotes without actually stating anything important. I also love how there is never an explanation with any of them to try to explain for the outright bastard claims they make. Clearly once someone becomes a brony they are immediately turned into a complete faggot. I wish I was joking. Anti-bronies aren't the only ones to use rhetoric on the internet; it actually seems quite common with many bandwagons to employ these kind of tactics. The CoD hate bandwagon, for instance, uses buzz phrases to similar effect, stereotyping fans of CoD as childish kids who know no good entertainment and talking about how every CoD is the absolutely same game with just a different title. The irony comes is when you realize that the people who do this are mainly Battlefield fans who's own developer, Dice, has been making yearly releases which have been heavily criticized for hardly deviating at all from the previous titles. (Battlefield 4 and Battlefield: Hardline come especially to mind) It's shit like this that made me wonder if anti-bronies would ever come under the same scrutiny they put bronies under. (If only....lmao)

Now hear me out: I am no CoD fan, I actually dislike CoD gameplay in general. I am a Battlefield fan if anything out of the two. However, I'm at least mature enough to admit the faults of the Battlefield series while being reasonably aware that others may not like the franchise for its gameplay. I'm not the one out there calling anyone who doesn't like Battlefield a fucking moron for not "appreciating great gameplay" because I realize everything is purely up to opinion. Neither am I out there saying people don't appreciate great cartoons because they don't like MLP like I do. This is because, unlike them, I actually respect that other people hold different interests and I encourage others to pursue their OWN interests.

Unfortunately though, it seems gamer culture has been hijacked by all of these silly little bandwagons that are against everything free speech. Not one of them has shown an ounce of intelligence nor sign of improving. Please do not be this kind of person. I speak out to you, the reader, to search your own soul; to stand by your own beliefs even if it means being yourself. Group entities like this devoted to trashing other people for their preferences have never shown the slightest of reason and IMO, stand tribute to how little we have changed from our early tribal upbringings as a species. It's always "CoD vs. Battlefield, Xbox One vs. PS4, bronies vs. anti-bronies, Christians vs. atheists!" Ever notice that? It should be clear by now that humans love to fight, and rationalizing is honestly not our best quality...unfortunately.

I could go on and on with more examples of common rhetoric spewed in the recesses we call the YouTube comment section, but that would be boring as they all seem to be just the same trash statements, hence the theme "common" throughout this article.

If you have any disagreements with me then feel free to share them. I am always open to others.

It's been a long time since I've done a blog. (And for good reason: I have a tendency to forget what I want to blog about) I usually try to avoid doing blogs on here because I'm required to do them elsewhere for my college classes, but one issue in particular I haven't discussed on here has interested me as of late.

This issue in particular is about the modern feminism that has swept the world. Now, I must warn you, the viewer, that this is more of a rant than anything. It's me giving my personal opinion on what I've seen of it, what I fear in it, and how I ultimately feel about it.

First and foremost, I believe this third wave of feminism is misguided under the notions of patriarchy. After talking to many feminists, and being involved in a round discussion in a "Women in History" class, I can safely confirm my fears that most people have no idea what patriarchy meant back then and what it is today. Feminists seem to describe patriarchy as this 'notion' that men must lead before women because men are superior to women. They are partly right, and I will explain why right now.

Patriarchy is simply the term for natural male dominance; the system where men control everything, including their women. Modern feminists usually try to explain why, and this tends to involve comments exclaiming how men are just pigs and women are morally superior to men. But this is exactly the same kind of attitude that created patriarchy in the same form as it existed in the 1900's.

Following the Civil War, it is noted how women were still seen 'in their place' at home and guys were out doing manly riding horses and joining the army...that kind of stuff. The common idea of the times was that men were physically dominant and that women were morally dominant. This system of differences between the genders is what we call the "gender roles". The gender roles are essentially what the patriarchy has developed into.

For a good example on the gender roles nowadays, look at how men are still pushed towards joining the military and 'getting laid' early on, while girls are still pushed to being virgins until married and investing as mothers or in child care. Hell, when I told my parents I thought about being a medic in the Airforce, they laughed and asked why I would want to be a medic, as that was a "women's job".

It's interesting then to note that feminism back then tried to fight the gender roles by proving women were strong and smart enough to vote, yet nowadays feminism has been generally ignoring the gender roles for the most part, or focusing solely on the women's side of the gender roles. This, to me, is a complete aberration of equality, as by focusing solely on women's issues, you ignore the men's side.

It doesn't take long to see then why anyone who admires true equality has been outright criticizing the new feminist movement for being hypocrites. If the patriarchy is real by how modern feminists describe it as, then why does it limit and hurt men who leave their 'desired role' in society?

A perfect example of how the gender roles work nowadays is what I call the virgin divide. Men, being thought of and stereotyped as sexually deviant, are considered weird in a bad way if they do not have sex before marriage. My parents actually ENCOURAGED me to lose my virginity to a random girl because they wanted me to be 'normal'. Women, on the other hand, are thought of as sexually pure, so if they have sex before marriage and do other activities related to "whoring around", they are thought of negatively. A guy in that situation would be considered a "player".

And don't even get me to mention the the ridiculous double standards against certain sexes, like how men are looked down upon for being into feminine things but society nowadays seems to not care about women getting into masculine things, like sports or video games. (In fact, in many ways it is sought a girl gamer)

I guess in the end, I just hate that they keep talking about how there is so much hate against women when the real enemy is standing right in front of them. The gender roles should be feminism's primary elimination target if they want 'true equality' between the sexes.

I could go on with dozens of unfair sex imbalances, especially double standard cases feminism is avoiding talking about but it is 4:40 AM over here and I am starting to black out while typing this. If you want to debate with me I am totally open for that.

This is going to be a rather short blog compared to my other ones.

It is a common notion, not just on the internet, but in the reality we live in that interests can take over someone's life. While true to an extent, a belief can be far more controlling, if not dominant in people's lives. If religion has taught us one thing, it is that beliefs control us far more than we even realize.

The irony is that beliefs are far more dangerous than interests yet are told to be respected. When is the last time you've heard of someone dying over an interest? If it has happened, it is a rare and extreme incident.

I don't believe beliefs should be respected. Instead, I believe they should be questioned, ironed out, and compared to with what we can prove really exists. Why? The question should be "Why not?" Why do we, as a species that has advanced on a mental level, instead of trying to advance further, we slack and hold ourselves back?

We should be excited about advancing further. To further our knowledge. But we aren't. Why? I believe it is because humans, for the most part, are intellectually lazy.

Not too long ago I was banned for 2 weeks off of a rather open forum for presenting this way of thinking. It was seen as a "controversial idea" and "promoting hate." Tell me, you, the reader, is there anywhere in this idea I am presenting that is promoting hate to a specific group of people?

The answer I should get is "nowhere." Nowhere am I promoting hate nor uplifting a particular group yet I got frequent hate messages from a couple of users on that forum. (Not to mention the 2 week ban for "controversial ideas") Well you know what they say, "Today's controversy is tomorrow's common sense." Thus, I am not afraid to piss off people. I figure some people would be angry at what I am proposing simply because they are offended at the fact that I said we should not automatically respect people's beliefs by default. (Respect is not given, it is EARNED)

With that said, what makes an interest really that different from a belief? I will give the brief answer:

"An interest can be controlled by the individual, but a belief strives to control a person."

Gonna try to break this down as quick as possible, but here's a link I fully support that will back up what I'm about to say here:
So what is this Equestria Girls? It's a controversial movie for MLP: FiM that is coming out. It is controversial because many fans are irritated at the concept or look of it or both. This recent uproar started since the premiere showing 1-2 days ago. Many fans have immediately criticized and condemned the movie. This has sparked all-out internet war and of course the fans will overreact again... Should I bring up the alicorn Twilight incident again?

The issue here, as I see it, is that many fans are forgetting who the target demographic really is: little girls. Hasbro is a massive corporation trying to make money. Satisfying their fans is another thing ENTIRELY.

Let me remind the fans that if this movie does suck; realize that it is a spin-off and will not effect the rest of the show. It is a "what-if" universe and Megan McCarthy has promised many times that it will not mess with the actual show itself. If you really do hate the concept so much and don't want to see it, then DON'T WATCH IT. Simple as that.

Now, on the other hand, there are some valid complaints directed at Equestria Girls I'm going to address. Many of these criticisms focus on the main character skins, the overall concept or plot of the movie (as best detailed from the premiere as we can get them), and small gimmicks like Rainbow Dash wearing a skirt (she has shorts underneath, however).

The generic high school setting has many set aflame into thinking it will suck. It is true, yes, that it can definitely suck, but at the same time it can also shine. One must remember that this is the same writing team that got millions of older guys and girls to fall in love with this candy-coated 'little girls' show. To assume it will suck sounds an awful lot like the assumptions we all had about FiM 4 years ago.

Now, don't think I'm defending it or anything, because honestly I don't know how it's going to be. I'm just trying to be reasonable here.

On another possibly more serious note, some staff members were given death threats on Twitter. I don't know about you guys, but whenever death threats are posted up on Twitter there is almost always a troll behind it. Many people are quick to blame the fandom radicals, but I doubt that is the case; as the radicals may not even go that far.

To me, this sounds like something many of these "brony haters" would do. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not pointing fingers, but I've heard convincing rumors that on certain sites, some people were promoting others who hate bronies to go under the guise of bronies and put up these death threats in order to divide the fandom further and hopefully kill it. Honestly, I find this kind of behavior sickening if it's true, especially considering how many tend to originate from these "butthurt troll" crowds. This fandom has brought a lot of happiness to the internet and to try to bring it down just to watch it crumble away is comparable to terrorism.

One anti-brony I met a long time ago had the silliest excuse for brony hating I've ever heard of. He apparently hated bronies because of an incident involving his friend and a brony. He ended up considering me pretty quickly as one of the only 'good' bronies, as in, the 1% of the fandom. Now I don't know what happened in that incident, but it sounds like a good ol' case of butthurt to me. I actually find that kind of hilarious; you meet one brony and declare that 99% of them are bad. You meet another and declare he's part of the 1% that's good. What happens when you meet another 'good brony'? Is he part of the 1% too? Lmao

Anyway, it's just silly people are overreacting over this whole thing. I can bet you this will all calm down as it did with alicorn Twilight. People in the fandom are just venting because they didn't get their way and carry such mis-placed fears that the fandom will die because of it.

News Flash: If the fandom dies; it's because of the overreacting idiots in the fandom, and the trolls trying to destroy it.

I've been asked quite a lot, "Why is the brony fandom so...out there like furries once were, trying to grab everyone's attention and just overall be attention whores?" It seems hardly anyone actually knows the answer to this question or cares to answer it. If you were one of those people wondering this, then congratulations because I'm going to give it my best serious response!

Note: If you have more questions for a brony veteran of 2 years to answer, ask away but beware: I can identify troll posts pretty quickly and you will be ignored and your comment likely deleted. Remember these are actually SERIOUS questions that have been asked about the fandom and I will give SERIOUS answers to these questions.

This is basically going to go into depth of 'why and how' the brony fandom is the way it is.

Q. Why do bronies feel the need to ponify everything?

A. This answer would require me to go WAYYYY back to the show itself when it first came out. This also explains the origins of 'bronyspeek' where a brony would use words like "everypony", "nopony" and so on instead of the human equivalent. Basically, the show ponified a lot of already human qualities. The characters, unlike regular horses, actually had humanized feelings and personas, many of which people can relate to (hence the huge fan following of the characters).

What happened after that was, from what I know, 4chan RAPED this idea the show brought on and tried to apply this to everything. Ponies were soon added to everything by these early brony trolls who found it hilarious how irritated insecure people would react to ponified versions of their favorite show, cartoon, etc.

Later on as the fandom grew with more serious members, the bronies started to take this idea to a whole new level (not just to troll). Now not every brony does this (quite a bit of the artists and animators do this from time to time), but if they do it, it's because they like the idea of ponies thrown into a different, usually darker world. Fallout: Equestria is a good example of this as well as the various pony mods/skins used for various games.

Q. Why are bronies seemingly obsessed with the show?

A. I have three answers for this, and they all depend on the type of brony. If the brony in question is a brony troll, he will use the concepts of stereotypical brony obsession and faggotry to act like the stereotypical ponyfag in order guessed it! Piss people off! Aren't trolls wonderful or what? However, if the brony in question is a kid or teenager, chances are he is either jumping on the brony bandwagon or is actually obsessed with the cartoon itself.

I don't need to explain why people jump on bandwagons, but the obsession with a girls cartoon is a strange, new thing that, for the most part, has not been talked about. From my experience and observations, if a brony is obsessed with the show, chances are:

1. He is letting out excitement for being apart of something he believes is special, to be a guy who likes a girly cartoon and is around others that do.
2. He is actually obsessed with the characters and the show in general because it resonates with him to a level he cannot control.

In both situations, brony obsession seems to be related to the individual's uncontrolled behavior. Now I admit I have a mild obsession for FiM (no duh), but I also obsess over other things I like on the internet. However, this means I will not bother you with my obsession. If I know you don't like ponies, I will not show you anything pony-related as long as you don't piss me off or try to put me down.

Q. Why are bronies intolerant of cloppers? Doesn't that contradict their "love and tolerance" policy?

A. First and foremost, the love and tolerance thing is all another gig made up by loving /b/ from 4chan. Love and tolerance is not even taught in the show. Many villians get KICKED THE FUK OUT and are not tolerated for their behavior. Need I remind bronies of Gilda, Trixie, Discord, or Chrysalis? Nightmare Moon aka Princess Luna was even said at the start of the show to even have been locked away for thousands and thousands of years by her sister because she tried to bring more power to the night!

Any bronies nowadays that actually believe in love and tolerance are one of the very serious kind. It IS contradictory of them to not tolerate cloppers if they truly 'follow' it. I myself do not feel the need to let a fandom dictate my life, especially one that started up on such a ridiculous place as /b/.

As for the cloppers themselves, I do not see a problem with them, but I can see why some bronies are frustrated with cloppers. Cloppers themselves tend to be apart of the darker side of the fandom that bugs people about ponies and likes to show off their clop aka pony porn to other people that normally would not want to see it. This is obviously unacceptable and humiliating for the fandom. If anything, anti-cloppers don't like to see this kind of trash being highlighted in the fandom for it does give off a bad image to the public (as if guys liking a cartoon show about ponies can get any worse).

Q. Why are bronies given such a bad rap in public?

A. I'm surprised this is even a question. It all deals with the way people want to explain bronies or the false information spread around by trolls that they find and label as fact. Next.

Q. Why can't bronies answer a lot of these questions like you did?

A. Because they aren't serious enough about it, don't have the time, or don't want to waste their life away like I do typing (it's a good thing I LOVE to type and can type like a motherfucker :D).

If you have ANY questions about the fandom I didn't already answer, feel free to post them here and I will gladly answer them (unless you're a troll, in which case your comment will be removed and I will laugh at you >:3).

WARNING: If you don't like extreme amounts of negativity directed at the human race and its existence, then please avert your eyes from this blog post.

In my (negative) rant today, I go off on how people are such hypocrites. Specifically moral hypocrites. Now, before you say, "Well, doesn't that include yourself?" Yes, yes it does include myself. I very much hate the human race and despise it's existence...including my own. I cannot stand it when people act like complete bigots and then turn around to pull the same shit without noticing they just did it too. We're apparently too stupid to notice when we do something hypocritical. However, if we are smart enough to notice the connection, we just simply don't care and hope no one else caught on. So not just are we hypocrites, but moral hypocrites. We have all done this at some point or another. This is because, deep down, we are promoting solely our survival. Our needs and wants. Our selfish ways. But that's the thing that gets me. We act smarter and more moral than we actually are. I'll admit, what goes on in my mind...your mind...everyone's usually far more immoral and selfish than what we even do in real life. In reality, we only do care about ourselves, but we try to hide that fact by pretending we care about others beyond our family and friends. You only need to look at people like Amanda Todd to realize that people made a huge fuss out of her compared to other suicide victims. Family & friends exist as a normal exception because we bond with them; they become a part of us so to speak, but that only makes us feel horrible if they don't feel the same way and end up hurting us later on.

Ask yourself this: Do you truly care for EVERY living thing on this planet, including the things you have to eat everyday to survive? The answer is: No, we don't. As a species in this universe, we have to consume living matter in order to stay alive. Hmm...if I didn't know better it sounds like we are in a pretty fucked up universe full of zombies that need to eat each other to survive.

Now, a little FAQ before I move on:

Q. Why don't you just kill yourself if you hate this race? Because like any normal living thing, I want to live and enjoy my life because I may not get a 2nd chance. Once I make that choice to kill myself, it's over. I'd rather live a selfish life accepting my true nature and hating myself for it than ending it all with a gun blast.

A. Why are you so negative? Just about the human race, sweetie. Our situation is bleaker than how we like to picture it.

Q. Why do you think humans are so dumb even though we're the smartest 'animals' on the planet?

A. It's not that. Compared to animals, we are smart, but I get a little pissed off about it because humans could've been so much more. I pride myself on fantasy realities where people actually do care about fighting evil and standing for good. The thing is, we aren't really like that. We have to use excuses like religion to 'pretend' we are doing good. By converting people to our 'faith', we think we are saving them from eternal punishment. This is why I will never be able to see anything involving 'faith' to be a good thing. It's EXACTLY like threatening you with bad things to do good things. Why not just do good things BECAUSE you are a good person? Not because you're threatened to.

Q. Why do you want this race to 'burn' or end?

A. It will all end eventually, as everything does. Tell me, would you rather put the sick dog down before it has to suffer? It's going to die and there's no denying it. If you were in the dog's shoes, if you knew you were going to suffer the rest of your life because of old age/sickness, you'd WANT to be put down. Morally speaking, we should be put down...or at least get better, but that isn't happening from the looks of it. There's also a lot of people who, in my mind, cause society to not function properly. This is what makes politics so frustrating. People use it, like everything else to contribute to their own selfish desires.

Q. What do you think is the problem with this universe?

A. It's not really a problem; just the way it is. It's focus on balance is a problem for those who want to be truly good. Where there's an action, there's always a reaction. This makes it to where there is always this constant rebound of good and bad things happening. This will go on forever as long as it exists. So, basically put, the good guy doesn't always win. People die everyday. People do good things everyday. People do bad things everyday. Balance in action. REPEAT.

From what I see, you just can't look at the universe from a good/bad perspective without getting mad at it for catering to the other party.

Q. Ok, so...what's your opinion about god/gods in all of this?

A. I believe it's possible for there to be a god, but only under the circumstances that he isn't good or evil, but neutral, just like the universe. You see, if there truly was a 'good god', good would triumph in the end regardless. Take Celestia from MLP: FiM for example. She's a benevolent goddess ruling over a world in which there also exists flawed creations. The ponies, for example, can be bad a times, but because of her and her influence, it always ends good because she makes it that way. Compare that to RL where good/bad things happen regardless of what people do. A hero firefighter could've battled his way into a smoke-filled building to grab a toddler from a crib only to find the child has suffocated from the smoke seconds ago. Sometimes good things happen, sometimes bad things happen.

If there was truly a god out there that had unlimited power, claimed to be good, and knew the future, do you REALLY think he'd let evil win once? No. Someone who is truly moral and just would create a world without evil. Without suffering. Like I said before, a truly benevolent god would be like Celestia, NOT like these religious gods of today that would punish you under threat of eternal damnation for simply not believing in them.

Now, I'm an agnostic-atheist, but I don't dismiss the entire idea of a God/gods (the very definition of agnostic). Recently, I've come to fancy a belief that proved interesting...even downright scary involving such a powerful 'force' in the universe. This is just an idea and nothing more than a simple hypothesis with bits of supporting evidence, however, I still am chilled by the mention of it.

It goes like this: the universe is not as it entirely seems. Normally, we associate our universe with being focused entirely on keeping balance. For example, an action causes a re-action. Apply this to normal life and you got many situations; one of which, for example could be where a group of upstart annoying, positive people who are obsessed with something, can create an angry crowd of negative, hateful people and vice versa.

But this isn't our universe now, this is all just a clever illusion set up by something sinister. An evil 'force' in the universe CAUSES bad things to happen, in order to crush hope and feed off of negativity. Think about it; if all evil were, was just bad things happening over and over again without stop, there would be no hope to destroy, nothing for us to lose, and nothing for it to gain.

You have to 'feed' the cattle before you slaughter it. You have to make sure you have a steady, unending and growing supply of cattle to replace the ones you've slaughtered. The human race, in this analogy, is the cattle; and this universe, a clever ruse set up by a far more powerful force that devours all in the blackness of space.

Am I proposing that there could very well be an evil God or gods out there who loves to torture us? Possibly. Seeing how the world is, evil wins in the end because eventually we ALL will die. Family and friends will mourn the loss of their loved ones....and the process repeats indefinitely. If this universe was truly good; evil wouldn't exist. In fact, there wouldn't even be such a balance of good and evil to begin with. Knowing bad shit happens, it all comes down to two things for me: this universe is based on a balance of order and chaos...or the balance of order and chaos is a clever ruse generated by a supreme evil.

Anyway, what do you think? Do you have anything to add? Do you agree with me that it is possible or do you disagree?

Since I've been getting an overwhelming number of people asking why I'm back a month early, I created this blog to handle that duty. For those of you who do not know why I left and didn't bother to check, I left to Air Force BMT (Basic Military Training) on December 17th. I had arrived later at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas on December 18th. Three days in, we were asked to fill out a sheet describing how we felt and I answered truthfully that I was depressed and sleep deprived (you hardly get any sleep the first 3 days I hear). Soon after I was called in to a comfortable building with a bunch of other kids where we were asked individually to verify why we answered those reasons.

I elaborated that I simply felt homesick and was having some trouble sleeping due to the stress we were going through. I was then asked if I wanted to see a psychiatrist...and at first it sounded like a great idea. It was a good way to figure out what was going on with me so I could clear my head (I could hardly concentrate or think...boot camp was taking it's tole on my mental health already). Right after I was called outside by my escort who then directed me to an ambulance...a freakin ambulance.... Yep, they made me strap down too. I had the greatest look of disbelief on my face I've ever had in my entire life.

I mean, what did I expect from people who think looking at a girl is considered sexual harassment or who think the Bible belongs in the non-fiction section of the damn military library?

I was then dragged to the hospital to where I was evaluated by a psychiatrist. The doctor determined that I had something called Adjustment Disorder (basically depression caused by attachment to family, friends, and home). I tried to fight my case but the Air Force kept saying "NO", to which I was forced to undergo the separation process at med hold. I stayed there for 3 weeks so they could out-process me out of the military. It was a huge change from BMT; it goes from doing nothing AT ALL. You seriously just do chores around the dorm while getting paid liek a baws, then just sit in your dorm room and stare at a wall or talk to other guys in the dorm.

Boring, ain't it? It was, although I must say it's a great way to save up money which I sure as hell did. I made some BANK on this experience and learned a lot. Did I really hate BMT? Not really. I thought there were some incredibly stupid laws there though. But hey, it's 'merica, where else did I expect our tax dollars to be going to?

Next time I think I'll think twice before I sign my life off to some government. Oh and btw, if you are in the military and are offended; don't be. I am simply trying to remain positive about them discharging me for what I thought was a ridiculous reason. The Air Force; I put it now, is simply not for me. I didn't like the fascist system of authority (the absolute glorification of the military, the destruction of the individual, and the emphasis on putting your life on the line for the country). But hey, if that's what made Nazi Germany strong, then it will make 'merica strong too, right? It did, but it had it's consequences; suicide rates are at an all-time high as of right now in the military.

Again, please don't be offended if you love the military. I respect America's military as I also respected Nazi Germany's for being powerful. However, now that I am out and have free will again, I am allowed free speech and to criticize its training methods if I so choose (which honestly I had few problems with despite what I had already mentioned).

It was definitely an adventure. My advice to anyone who wants to join the military is to not make the same mistake I did (telling them you are sad, which gets you kicked out now; I had no idea this would happen after them going through all the trouble of getting me there safely). The USAF will kick you out at a moment's notice because they are looking for the best possible Airmen and they are just getting too many trainees. They have been literally cutting thousands of Airmen and plan to cut thousands more in 2013 alone.


This is an issue I wanted to get to and rant about in the meantime, but thought it wasn't worth the blog post. Still, it keeps popping up everywhere I go, especially on places like Youtube which are complete un-moderated troll fests.

The Problem:

So you might be asking, what is the problem then? My problem? Trolling is becoming rather lame, repetitive and ridiculous. For those of you who don't know what trolling is, let me quote Urban Dictionary:

"The art of deliberately, cleverly, and secretly pissing people off, usually via the internet, using dialogue. Trolling does not mean just making rude remarks: Shouting swear words at someone doesn't count as trolling; it's just flaming, and isn't funny. Spam isn't trolling either; it pisses people off, but it's lame."

The 2nd part of the trolling definition here is the MOST important for this discussion. A lot of 'trolling' on Youtube is just an excuse to flame and insult people. "Why did you insult that guy?" "FOR TEH LULZ!"

It's not even trolling anymore is the point I'm trying to make! It's devolved into insults and mindless attacks on other people. Even worse, the 'fail trolls' who do this mostly do it to people who take part in fandoms. Fandoms expect some rational hate and many in the fandom will try to correct the troll, which only makes it easy for the troll to try to work one down to raging at him.

Ranting Conclusion:

Trolling isn't even an art anymore when it's used like this, because it loses all originality and isn't even funny for many others to begin with. Someone telling someone else to "Choke to death and die" is not trolling, it's outright insulting and cruel. Some people actually do say and mean these things on the internet, so one has no way to know if the person is trolling or just being a huge dick in the end. As a matter of fact, trolling has become so synonymous with "being an asshole" that the two have practically merged into the same damn thing now.

Not to mention, the trolling performed this way doesn't take a speck of intelligence and seems to lose all flavor, as now it isn't targeting gullibility, but people's affiliations and interests. I've seen negative assholes on the internet intentionally troll only one group of people because they hate that group. Just earlier I saw one of these fail trolls who admitted to only insulting bronies because he despises the group. How sad do you have to be to target a group of people, trolling purely out of one's own rage? Don't get me wrong, it's not that he targets a specific fandom; the problem stems from his hate of the fandom provoking him to ridicule anyone who likes FiM wherever he goes!

It's not even "FOR TEH LULZ" with many of these people. It's raging taken under the excuse of trolling. I really hope people realize how bad this is getting and work to prevent the death of proper trolling. BTW, my next study might involve finding out if the entrance of trolling into the mainstream is causing this. This seems pretty likely as the mainstream seems to destroy everything good off the internet.

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