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It's been a long time since I've done a blog. (And for good reason: I have a tendency to forget what I want to blog about) I usually try to avoid doing blogs on here because I'm required to do them elsewhere for my college classes, but one issue in particular I haven't discussed on here has interested me as of late.

This issue in particular is about the modern feminism that has swept the world. Now, I must warn you, the viewer, that this is more of a rant than anything. It's me giving my personal opinion on what I've seen of it, what I fear in it, and how I ultimately feel about it.

First and foremost, I believe this third wave of feminism is misguided under the notions of patriarchy. After talking to many feminists, and being involved in a round discussion in a "Women in History" class, I can safely confirm my fears that most people have no idea what patriarchy meant back then and what it is today. Feminists seem to describe patriarchy as this 'notion' that men must lead before women because men are superior to women. They are partly right, and I will explain why right now.

Patriarchy is simply the term for natural male dominance; the system where men control everything, including their women. Modern feminists usually try to explain why, and this tends to involve comments exclaiming how men are just pigs and women are morally superior to men. But this is exactly the same kind of attitude that created patriarchy in the same form as it existed in the 1900's.

Following the Civil War, it is noted how women were still seen 'in their place' at home and guys were out doing manly riding horses and joining the army...that kind of stuff. The common idea of the times was that men were physically dominant and that women were morally dominant. This system of differences between the genders is what we call the "gender roles". The gender roles are essentially what the patriarchy has developed into.

For a good example on the gender roles nowadays, look at how men are still pushed towards joining the military and 'getting laid' early on, while girls are still pushed to being virgins until married and investing as mothers or in child care. Hell, when I told my parents I thought about being a medic in the Airforce, they laughed and asked why I would want to be a medic, as that was a "women's job".

It's interesting then to note that feminism back then tried to fight the gender roles by proving women were strong and smart enough to vote, yet nowadays feminism has been generally ignoring the gender roles for the most part, or focusing solely on the women's side of the gender roles. This, to me, is a complete aberration of equality, as by focusing solely on women's issues, you ignore the men's side.

It doesn't take long to see then why anyone who admires true equality has been outright criticizing the new feminist movement for being hypocrites. If the patriarchy is real by how modern feminists describe it as, then why does it limit and hurt men who leave their 'desired role' in society?

A perfect example of how the gender roles work nowadays is what I call the virgin divide. Men, being thought of and stereotyped as sexually deviant, are considered weird in a bad way if they do not have sex before marriage. My parents actually ENCOURAGED me to lose my virginity to a random girl because they wanted me to be 'normal'. Women, on the other hand, are thought of as sexually pure, so if they have sex before marriage and do other activities related to "whoring around", they are thought of negatively. A guy in that situation would be considered a "player".

And don't even get me to mention the the ridiculous double standards against certain sexes, like how men are looked down upon for being into feminine things but society nowadays seems to not care about women getting into masculine things, like sports or video games. (In fact, in many ways it is sought a girl gamer)

I guess in the end, I just hate that they keep talking about how there is so much hate against women when the real enemy is standing right in front of them. The gender roles should be feminism's primary elimination target if they want 'true equality' between the sexes.

I could go on with dozens of unfair sex imbalances, especially double standard cases feminism is avoiding talking about but it is 4:40 AM over here and I am starting to black out while typing this. If you want to debate with me I am totally open for that.

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