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I've been asked quite a lot, "Why is the brony fandom so...out there like furries once were, trying to grab everyone's attention and just overall be attention whores?" It seems hardly anyone actually knows the answer to this question or cares to answer it. If you were one of those people wondering this, then congratulations because I'm going to give it my best serious response!

Note: If you have more questions for a brony veteran of 2 years to answer, ask away but beware: I can identify troll posts pretty quickly and you will be ignored and your comment likely deleted. Remember these are actually SERIOUS questions that have been asked about the fandom and I will give SERIOUS answers to these questions.

This is basically going to go into depth of 'why and how' the brony fandom is the way it is.

Q. Why do bronies feel the need to ponify everything?

A. This answer would require me to go WAYYYY back to the show itself when it first came out. This also explains the origins of 'bronyspeek' where a brony would use words like "everypony", "nopony" and so on instead of the human equivalent. Basically, the show ponified a lot of already human qualities. The characters, unlike regular horses, actually had humanized feelings and personas, many of which people can relate to (hence the huge fan following of the characters).

What happened after that was, from what I know, 4chan RAPED this idea the show brought on and tried to apply this to everything. Ponies were soon added to everything by these early brony trolls who found it hilarious how irritated insecure people would react to ponified versions of their favorite show, cartoon, etc.

Later on as the fandom grew with more serious members, the bronies started to take this idea to a whole new level (not just to troll). Now not every brony does this (quite a bit of the artists and animators do this from time to time), but if they do it, it's because they like the idea of ponies thrown into a different, usually darker world. Fallout: Equestria is a good example of this as well as the various pony mods/skins used for various games.

Q. Why are bronies seemingly obsessed with the show?

A. I have three answers for this, and they all depend on the type of brony. If the brony in question is a brony troll, he will use the concepts of stereotypical brony obsession and faggotry to act like the stereotypical ponyfag in order guessed it! Piss people off! Aren't trolls wonderful or what? However, if the brony in question is a kid or teenager, chances are he is either jumping on the brony bandwagon or is actually obsessed with the cartoon itself.

I don't need to explain why people jump on bandwagons, but the obsession with a girls cartoon is a strange, new thing that, for the most part, has not been talked about. From my experience and observations, if a brony is obsessed with the show, chances are:

1. He is letting out excitement for being apart of something he believes is special, to be a guy who likes a girly cartoon and is around others that do.
2. He is actually obsessed with the characters and the show in general because it resonates with him to a level he cannot control.

In both situations, brony obsession seems to be related to the individual's uncontrolled behavior. Now I admit I have a mild obsession for FiM (no duh), but I also obsess over other things I like on the internet. However, this means I will not bother you with my obsession. If I know you don't like ponies, I will not show you anything pony-related as long as you don't piss me off or try to put me down.

Q. Why are bronies intolerant of cloppers? Doesn't that contradict their "love and tolerance" policy?

A. First and foremost, the love and tolerance thing is all another gig made up by loving /b/ from 4chan. Love and tolerance is not even taught in the show. Many villians get KICKED THE FUK OUT and are not tolerated for their behavior. Need I remind bronies of Gilda, Trixie, Discord, or Chrysalis? Nightmare Moon aka Princess Luna was even said at the start of the show to even have been locked away for thousands and thousands of years by her sister because she tried to bring more power to the night!

Any bronies nowadays that actually believe in love and tolerance are one of the very serious kind. It IS contradictory of them to not tolerate cloppers if they truly 'follow' it. I myself do not feel the need to let a fandom dictate my life, especially one that started up on such a ridiculous place as /b/.

As for the cloppers themselves, I do not see a problem with them, but I can see why some bronies are frustrated with cloppers. Cloppers themselves tend to be apart of the darker side of the fandom that bugs people about ponies and likes to show off their clop aka pony porn to other people that normally would not want to see it. This is obviously unacceptable and humiliating for the fandom. If anything, anti-cloppers don't like to see this kind of trash being highlighted in the fandom for it does give off a bad image to the public (as if guys liking a cartoon show about ponies can get any worse).

Q. Why are bronies given such a bad rap in public?

A. I'm surprised this is even a question. It all deals with the way people want to explain bronies or the false information spread around by trolls that they find and label as fact. Next.

Q. Why can't bronies answer a lot of these questions like you did?

A. Because they aren't serious enough about it, don't have the time, or don't want to waste their life away like I do typing (it's a good thing I LOVE to type and can type like a motherfucker :D).

If you have ANY questions about the fandom I didn't already answer, feel free to post them here and I will gladly answer them (unless you're a troll, in which case your comment will be removed and I will laugh at you >:3).


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