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Gonna try to break this down as quick as possible, but here's a link I fully support that will back up what I'm about to say here:
So what is this Equestria Girls? It's a controversial movie for MLP: FiM that is coming out. It is controversial because many fans are irritated at the concept or look of it or both. This recent uproar started since the premiere showing 1-2 days ago. Many fans have immediately criticized and condemned the movie. This has sparked all-out internet war and of course the fans will overreact again... Should I bring up the alicorn Twilight incident again?

The issue here, as I see it, is that many fans are forgetting who the target demographic really is: little girls. Hasbro is a massive corporation trying to make money. Satisfying their fans is another thing ENTIRELY.

Let me remind the fans that if this movie does suck; realize that it is a spin-off and will not effect the rest of the show. It is a "what-if" universe and Megan McCarthy has promised many times that it will not mess with the actual show itself. If you really do hate the concept so much and don't want to see it, then DON'T WATCH IT. Simple as that.

Now, on the other hand, there are some valid complaints directed at Equestria Girls I'm going to address. Many of these criticisms focus on the main character skins, the overall concept or plot of the movie (as best detailed from the premiere as we can get them), and small gimmicks like Rainbow Dash wearing a skirt (she has shorts underneath, however).

The generic high school setting has many set aflame into thinking it will suck. It is true, yes, that it can definitely suck, but at the same time it can also shine. One must remember that this is the same writing team that got millions of older guys and girls to fall in love with this candy-coated 'little girls' show. To assume it will suck sounds an awful lot like the assumptions we all had about FiM 4 years ago.

Now, don't think I'm defending it or anything, because honestly I don't know how it's going to be. I'm just trying to be reasonable here.

On another possibly more serious note, some staff members were given death threats on Twitter. I don't know about you guys, but whenever death threats are posted up on Twitter there is almost always a troll behind it. Many people are quick to blame the fandom radicals, but I doubt that is the case; as the radicals may not even go that far.

To me, this sounds like something many of these "brony haters" would do. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not pointing fingers, but I've heard convincing rumors that on certain sites, some people were promoting others who hate bronies to go under the guise of bronies and put up these death threats in order to divide the fandom further and hopefully kill it. Honestly, I find this kind of behavior sickening if it's true, especially considering how many tend to originate from these "butthurt troll" crowds. This fandom has brought a lot of happiness to the internet and to try to bring it down just to watch it crumble away is comparable to terrorism.

One anti-brony I met a long time ago had the silliest excuse for brony hating I've ever heard of. He apparently hated bronies because of an incident involving his friend and a brony. He ended up considering me pretty quickly as one of the only 'good' bronies, as in, the 1% of the fandom. Now I don't know what happened in that incident, but it sounds like a good ol' case of butthurt to me. I actually find that kind of hilarious; you meet one brony and declare that 99% of them are bad. You meet another and declare he's part of the 1% that's good. What happens when you meet another 'good brony'? Is he part of the 1% too? Lmao

Anyway, it's just silly people are overreacting over this whole thing. I can bet you this will all calm down as it did with alicorn Twilight. People in the fandom are just venting because they didn't get their way and carry such mis-placed fears that the fandom will die because of it.

News Flash: If the fandom dies; it's because of the overreacting idiots in the fandom, and the trolls trying to destroy it.


If I wasn't a brony, I would say: What in the unholy name of *** is this fuckness?
But since I am one, I'm just gonna say: meh.

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Velancious Author

Yeah, I think this whole situation is a bit crazy. I mean, fans overreacting over a simple spin-off movie....made by the same who made the show they love?

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