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Now, I'm an agnostic-atheist, but I don't dismiss the entire idea of a God/gods (the very definition of agnostic). Recently, I've come to fancy a belief that proved interesting...even downright scary involving such a powerful 'force' in the universe. This is just an idea and nothing more than a simple hypothesis with bits of supporting evidence, however, I still am chilled by the mention of it.

It goes like this: the universe is not as it entirely seems. Normally, we associate our universe with being focused entirely on keeping balance. For example, an action causes a re-action. Apply this to normal life and you got many situations; one of which, for example could be where a group of upstart annoying, positive people who are obsessed with something, can create an angry crowd of negative, hateful people and vice versa.

But this isn't our universe now, this is all just a clever illusion set up by something sinister. An evil 'force' in the universe CAUSES bad things to happen, in order to crush hope and feed off of negativity. Think about it; if all evil were, was just bad things happening over and over again without stop, there would be no hope to destroy, nothing for us to lose, and nothing for it to gain.

You have to 'feed' the cattle before you slaughter it. You have to make sure you have a steady, unending and growing supply of cattle to replace the ones you've slaughtered. The human race, in this analogy, is the cattle; and this universe, a clever ruse set up by a far more powerful force that devours all in the blackness of space.

Am I proposing that there could very well be an evil God or gods out there who loves to torture us? Possibly. Seeing how the world is, evil wins in the end because eventually we ALL will die. Family and friends will mourn the loss of their loved ones....and the process repeats indefinitely. If this universe was truly good; evil wouldn't exist. In fact, there wouldn't even be such a balance of good and evil to begin with. Knowing bad shit happens, it all comes down to two things for me: this universe is based on a balance of order and chaos...or the balance of order and chaos is a clever ruse generated by a supreme evil.

Anyway, what do you think? Do you have anything to add? Do you agree with me that it is possible or do you disagree?


all a plot led by the catholic church

when i figured them out with the pope ruling the military they had to have benedict killed

although he agreed to it as it was for the good of the church and that i knew too much

we must stand together brothers #vivalapopewreckers

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Velancious Author

Lol, you're a funny troll.

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this is some deep stuff

god eating humans, humans EATING CATTLE

this is why im vegan

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