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This is going to be a rather short blog compared to my other ones.

It is a common notion, not just on the internet, but in the reality we live in that interests can take over someone's life. While true to an extent, a belief can be far more controlling, if not dominant in people's lives. If religion has taught us one thing, it is that beliefs control us far more than we even realize.

The irony is that beliefs are far more dangerous than interests yet are told to be respected. When is the last time you've heard of someone dying over an interest? If it has happened, it is a rare and extreme incident.

I don't believe beliefs should be respected. Instead, I believe they should be questioned, ironed out, and compared to with what we can prove really exists. Why? The question should be "Why not?" Why do we, as a species that has advanced on a mental level, instead of trying to advance further, we slack and hold ourselves back?

We should be excited about advancing further. To further our knowledge. But we aren't. Why? I believe it is because humans, for the most part, are intellectually lazy.

Not too long ago I was banned for 2 weeks off of a rather open forum for presenting this way of thinking. It was seen as a "controversial idea" and "promoting hate." Tell me, you, the reader, is there anywhere in this idea I am presenting that is promoting hate to a specific group of people?

The answer I should get is "nowhere." Nowhere am I promoting hate nor uplifting a particular group yet I got frequent hate messages from a couple of users on that forum. (Not to mention the 2 week ban for "controversial ideas") Well you know what they say, "Today's controversy is tomorrow's common sense." Thus, I am not afraid to piss off people. I figure some people would be angry at what I am proposing simply because they are offended at the fact that I said we should not automatically respect people's beliefs by default. (Respect is not given, it is EARNED)

With that said, what makes an interest really that different from a belief? I will give the brief answer:

"An interest can be controlled by the individual, but a belief strives to control a person."


I understand the notion of “Question everything”. But do you suggest that all beliefs are inherently bad or counterproductive? I can’t say I agree with that but it certainly is a new point of view.

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Velancious Author

I'm basically saying that every belief should be questioned and tested in the rational sphere of things so that we can find possible truth in it.

All it is, is an enforcement of the current scientific method we find nowadays.

I just find it odd is all, that the smartest species on this planet wants others to do the thinking for them. I was always told as a kid to just live life by going to school, getting a job, having kids, and then settling down. (This is the practical American dream right here) If you noticed, nowhere there is any mention of getting any critical thinking skills.

I understand we have scientists and other people working hard to uncover the mysteries of the universe, but what I am proposing is that we dedicate more people to this.

I stressed that it is the most important area that for the majority of humanity's time on Earth has received so little attention. I want people to become more aware as well of other issues plaguing humanity right now, like the extremism in religion.

There should be no more killing in the name of god in the 21st century. The Christians have, for the most part now, accepted science and that's good, but Islamic presence in the east has all but ignored it.

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Velancious Author

BTW, I also understand that this issue seems rather out of place as we seem to be heading along this direction already. (It's like telling people information they already know)

I, however, mentioned that I'm rather curious as to why this idea was regarded as hate speech and controversy to a surprising number of people.

Like I said before though, it's not anything radically different than what we are doing now as a species so why are people offended by the simple idea of it, is kind of scary to me.

I admit they might think of me as some kind of radical anti-theist who is implying we should destroy religion, but nowhere do I say any of that.

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