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Notice: I have not played too much of the game yet, think of this as a first impression...

First of all, I see some people trying to say it's a Minecraft clone/ripoff with guns... Well **** you, a game with blocks/voxels doesn't mean it's a Minecraft clone. There's a lot of block/voxel based games that was released before Minecraft, one example is Atmosphir, and what Minecraft is inspired by; Infiniminer. One reason I believe many think it is, is because of people like "The Yogscast" (no offense). They do a lot of Minecraft videos, and then there's this game called 3079 which claims to be a mix of Minecraft and Fallout, and it has blocks, and square'ish people.

Now, more to the game...
In my opinion, it's a great game, with great potential. I hope Phr00t does use a good amount of time on this game, though I don't blame him if he doesn't, since he might have a job beside this, and he may have other things to do in his spare time.
As it is now, I would play it multiple times, but there's a lack of content, so I'll find it a bit boring after a while, as it is now.
I also like the fact that you start with different weapons each time, and that your starting items have different "perks", the level system is also nice, but I do find it annoying that you must loot or trade to get a higher level item. Why? I seem to find too much Level one items, where-ever I go, from traders and loot, on another side, it makes it harder to get, and gives the feel of those items being more rare. What about buying a leveling component, which for example level two costs 500-1000 (it could also be cheap, depending on the engineering skill you could fail often at a low level), and higher levels would costs more, also, you could add more rare weapons, and a small chance to spawn with a eg. Level 3 item.
Other than that, it's a good game, and I'm running out of characters to write, so I'm sorry for not saying much positive.

Also, I'm lazy and didn't take the time to spellcheck and that... :)


Voxel Galaxy

Game review

Great Minetest-c55 rip-off you got there... Easy to tell too, since you've started this for under a month ago.

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