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I've just finished this Game and my biggest concern was the gameplay.
Reading that you won't regenerate your HP and won't have the armor might scare you, but trust me it is better this way. Picking up HP or Kevlar Vests immediatly gave me nostalgia as I heard "AHHH". For a Mod is very good made. The AI is fair so I had alot of fun!
The music is well chosen, I don't listin much to Rock but this made me reconsider =D
After finishing it I regret driving so much with the car. Let me clarify you can drive alot in this Game but it also makes the game alot easier. You're not forced to use it, so it's up to the Player to play it easy or not.

The Mod also has some nice easter Eggs, was a good Laugh!

@Developer Team Thanks a lot for making this! I really enjoyed it
The German Dub suprised me that it was this Good oO
I recorded a Gameplay if you want I can upload it on my YT account

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