We are a new startup Indie working looking to change the way the industry is run through creative ideas and genuine collaboration.

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Hello to all who happen to come across our first steps into a new world! As with any good relationship, it starts with a proper introduction!

We are Tiny Hut Studios, A new indie team based around the globe but started in Boise Idaho. We are a fresh face working on a new IP tentatively dubbed 'Project forge". Through this project, we are attempting to fuse to genres of video games, Hack and slash, and Resource management. However, before we get into the mechanics of our game let's start with the story so far.


" In the beginning, there was nothing but a barren and desolate world filled with darkness. no life flourished here and chaos rained like hellfire. That was until one day mysteriously life sparked on this world, in the form of a great and powerful tree. From this single tree light and life spread from their roots and in time the world became a thriving place full of creatures, plants, intelligent life, and eventually Magic.

This magic was a powerful essence that lived in all forms of life from rare earthen minerals that stored their energy in powerful mountains, strange plants that grew wild and vibrant, to even certain odd and unique creatures that became living embodiments of this strange new magic. As time went on civilizations of many races of beings grew and gathered around what they dubbed "The World Tree" and its many sapling roots that dotted the surface of this bright new world in time these beings began to produce even magical qualities in themselves and there was peace.

However, this peace would not last forever, As these civilizations grew in strength and numbers a divide began to happen. There was the faction of light that understood and potential of magic however they were cautious and respectful of its wild nature. This civilization chose to harness its power to give back to the land that sustained them, by infusing the land itself to help it stay healthy and grow, create powerful tools using the raw materials of the world, and even creating Golems that held a semblance of life to protect and serve their new creators. This faction was known to the world as the Artificers

Then there was the faction darkness, While the artificers sought to live in balance with the magic that existed in all things, this faction found a different way to harness its power. Lead by a revolutionary practitioner of spells and ritual this faction discovered they could refine magic from its sources into its base purest form and absorb it physically granting those who could practice magic surges of great power to fuel their spells, it was not long before they also discovered they could offer this refined pure essence to its common people granting those with no supernatural ability to suddenly develop power and unique physical attributes that could push the limits of any mortal coil. This faction soon became known as Sorcerers.

In time the Sorcerers grew to great strength but it was in that strength they soon discovered their downfall, for absorbing such pure concentrated forms of magic a new disease formed known as the Arcanium Blight. This blight came about upon the discovery that pure magic was highly addictive and the amount needed to continue using the powerful strength and ability they had become used to would consistently require more and more of this powerful concoction. Eventually when shortages became apparent the Blight would show its true end result, it would mutate and corrupt those who could not stave off its addiction into horrid savage abominations of life. As a result of this rampant new affliction, the leader of the Sorcerers lead a warpath conquering many of the other civilizations to take their precious sources of life-giving magic for themselves until the leader set its sights on the ultimate never-ending source of magic. The world tree itself.

Like a plague of locust, they descended on the Artificers swift as the wind and the great capital that for many centuries called the base of the world tree their home was overrun. The leaders seeing his people falling and the leader of the Sorcerers coming for the heart of the world tree sent his apprentice to flee and made a final stand to protect the birthplace of life and magic. However mysteriously and tragically during this conflict, the world tree exploded scattering its form as well as its crystalline heart across the world. The resulting cataclysm wiped out the invaders and both faction leaders mysteriously vanished.

As the surviving people of this once great city slowly awoke they were in shock as to ruined remains of their once great tree, and as they mourned their loss hope began to take root in the form of the Artificers apprentice. For as he ran he was caught in the blast, but in his dying breaths, a shard of the World Tree's crystalline heart had pierced his body embedding itself within. Upon waking he discovered the world tree despite its appearance was not dead, even in this horrid state it was trying to recover but it was weak and faltering additionally our unlikely hero discovered his life was now intertwined with the world tree itself if he had any hope to survive he must figure out a way to revitalize the world tree and save not only himself but his people as with the world trees near destruction darkness and death have now begun to spread across the world once again.


Whew, that was a lengthy blurb! It's so much more once you get these things written down! Anyway moving onto the mechanics. The main character of this game is the Artificer's Apprentice who uses his master's knowledge and fulled by the powerful energy of the world tree to create powerful weapons, tools, armor, and trinkets and you must do your best to manage what little resources are left to dive deep into the now twisted and corrupted wilds to find a way to bring back the pieces of the world trees heart and help it recover from its slowly creeping fate.

However the Apprentice is not a fighter, along his journey, he will come across mortal souls of great power that has been imprisoned in this ever-darkening world, with a bit of creativity and ingenuity he has been able to create these souls new bodies to inhabit and in exchange for helping them finish their business that reminds in life they, in turn, are willing to take up the arms he creates and fight there way through ever-shifting and dangerous dungeons that have begun to spring up around areas where the heart shards had landed.

At its core, The Apprentice will arm his new found Heros with powerful weapons and enchantments to protect them as they delve deeper and deeper into dungeons that consistently grow in difficulty, with skill and strategy the Heroes will hack and slash their way to the heart of the dungeons to find and bring back not only resources for their new master to create bigger and stronger enchantments as well precious materials needed to slowly rebuild the city for the many people still alive that can help in their goal but to ultimately make it to the heart of the dungeon and recover a priceless shard of the world tree. However, the Heroes must be cautious as the shards have attracted powerful and dark forces and they won't let go of their newfound power without a fight!


And there you have it, folks. I know this first post was a long one, a wall of text you might even say but not to worry in time as we develop more and more on this concept I will be posting updates, screenshots, and videos of our progress. in the meantime you can follow our Twitter ( Twitter.com ) for sneak peeks at our development process! Also if anyone out there is interested in joining up with our motley crew on this adventure we are actively looking for talent to fill out our ranks! You can find out positions on this google doc and if you see something that fits you or heck even if you don't see anything apply anyway! We are always looking for that diamond in the rough that can only add to our diverse team!


Stay tuned for future updates as there will be plenty! We look forward to this journey and the eventual success of this project! Until then stay hopeful everyone!

~ Tiny Hut Studios ~

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