The names Khaan but my friends call me Aaron.. Yeah as you can see I like games and other stuff that people classify as nerdy, I play Warhammer 40k, Space marines and Chaos are my armies. Tea's good, my favorite type of music is Rock and my favorite band is Cream! Yeah whats up... Han shot first.. Captain Kirk is Awesome with a capital A. Marleys Mellow mood tea is the best tea you can buy at a corner store or gas station. Warfish is fun to waste time on.. Ye..

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Star Prospector

Game review

I found this very enjoyable while lacking more stratigic gameplay it does have a nice simple feel to it. I reconmend it because its fun to play inbetween star trek episodes or on a nice sunday evening while enjoying a nice cup of tea. The reason I have given it an 8 and not a 10 is because it could use a few improvements in example units could use some formation options moving it formation.. ect.. and more unit deversity " Supreme commander or Total Anhilation are good examples of unit diversity " Lazers bots feel a little to much like Machine gun bots " but overall a really cool game very much worth the price of $10! :)


Total Mayhem

Mod review

Tiberium Essence

Mod review

Very FUN C&C3 mod one of the best modders ever O.o


Twisted Insurrection

Mod review
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