I'm very much into all sorts of games, my favourite genre would have to be RPG and I love zombie games. There aren't enough of those type around which is a shame but eventually the best game ever will be released and it will be awesome :D

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thewisestgoat @ Dungeons of Dredmore

So the new DLC is out, at a very nice price of £1.99 the Conquest of the Wizardlands has loads of new shtuff that is awesome.

new items including a new class of weapon; the polearm. Cool little pocket dimensions which can lead to added little levels if you find these little codes written on walls, new classes including tourist and Paranormal Investigator (X-Files class pretty much xD), new eneimes and rooms, this is just really great. Unfortunately it also has a Diggle Hell level. you have to go through a fancy teleporter and I'm warning you now don't do it unless you're really high level! It's worse than that Penguin dimension I came across once!

Anyway that's aboot that there's loads of stuff I've yet to try out and explore so yeah we shall see what's going up/down with that stuff. If you've got the game I'd reccommend getting the DLC as it adds to the game greatly :D

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thewisestgoat @ Updates :(

Yeah there will, it's currently in it's Alpha version and it will be released in sporadic periodic updates just like minecraft is. Even after the full game is released there should be more updates. One of those will be multiplayer so yeah, no sign as to when, but there will be eventually :)

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thewisestgoat @ Project Zomboid fan group

I don't know if it's a glitch or if there is some other requirement but if you find a pistol and some 9mm rounds should you not be able to fire the pistol by putting the pistol in the top slot and rounds in the bottom? I can't seem to do that :( anyone know what's going on?

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thewisestgoat @ Project zomboid

Ah after watching some videos (for some reason i didn't have access to the tutorial level on project zomboid) I now know to hold down control to attack. Brilliant stuff. I have also discovered a glitch: if you try to put the torch (flashlight) from your inventory into the crafting slot it stops working...well mine does anyway.

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