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One of my all time favourite games, first out on the N64 but also re-done for the Gamecube when you bought Windwaker special edition, which was fricken awesome too.

So I've played it on both but I played it on the N64 many more times than the GC. The game itself is pretty huge, a huge action adventure game in which you span time. The first bit of the game you're a kid and then when you've completed the 3 dungeons you become a man, of course once you've learned the song of time you can switch back whenever you want resulting in a dramatic landscape change including loads of others things that are changed too.

There are loads of collectables that actually do stuff, like golden skultulas or heart pieces which make it more awesome. loads of items that are epic and can be upgraded...well most of them. My favourite has to be the mirror shield and the big goron's sword (hardest item in the game to gte, massively long winded to get it too!) Of course if you feel like taking a break from the main game you can always play the many mini games that change from kid to adult and or even go fishing, which is a time consuming yet cool way to spend your time.

It woudn't be Zelda without a horse and Epona is that horse, unfortunately there's no horse combat, you can fire your bow while on horseback but no melee, oh well.

So throughout the whole game the style of art and the graphics, while looking outdated now, were at the time fricken brilliant. The story is massive and takes quite a long time to get through (unless after the first 6-7 times you get a knack for where everything is...) but it is very rewarding. Boss fights att he end of each dungeon sees you having to face a new challenge, usually having to use a new item that you found in that dungeon to defeat it.

An awesome game that will forever be one of my all time favourites. If you haven't played it, then you should!

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