I'm very much into all sorts of games, my favourite genre would have to be RPG and I love zombie games. There aren't enough of those type around which is a shame but eventually the best game ever will be released and it will be awesome :D

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If you went and searched a game on YouTube right now you would get lots and lots of random people who have recorded 'lets play' videos. Many of these are just people who have some apre time however some might be trying to get to the internet fame heights of people such as the Yogscast or Tobuscus, trying to make videos so people will watch them and maybe get subscribers and so on.

What people are missing is an angle, a different, special, unique way of getting those views. The Yogscast has the shadow of Israphel, Tobuscus has his general craziness and the general 'lets players' have...nothing. Perhaps this is why they aren't as good, maybe they just need a lucky break I don't know.

Anyway what I wanted to ask people is what unique things I or perhaps others could do with their videos. I'm curious to see if anyone actually comments on this, it'd be awesome if you did and I would thank you muchly for it. So yeah any ideas people?

In other news Aliens Colonial Marines out in February 2013. Looks to be epic but such a long fricken wait XO.

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