I'm very much into all sorts of games, my favourite genre would have to be RPG and I love zombie games. There aren't enough of those type around which is a shame but eventually the best game ever will be released and it will be awesome :D

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As a zombie game you would expect lots of zombies and zombie killing. This game supplies all that and many silly ways of killing the zombie menaces and as such is not quite as serious a game even though you are trying to get medicine to keept your daughter alive, you can just let her die and get on with the zombie killing...not that I would do that or anything...

The story is kind of plain and meh-ish, it's a very irritating kind of game given that you only have 3 days to play and then game over. Some achievments are ridiculous like killing 72000 zombies within that time limit. I would prefer it if it was more open and not timed but whatever, that's just what kind of game it is.

The gameplay is quite good with the combat system very simple and cool, with food as the healing item, at times it can be irritating if you can''t find any or if you can only find rotten food or alcohol as drinking too much of that makes you puke up everywhere for a while which is very annoying.

The inventing weapons by combining things together is really awesome some very cool weapons can be made and used very effectively against the zombie scum. One thing I would say about it is the annoying system of guiding people back to the safe zone they can be very irritating when they don't follow you closely enough or you accidentaly hit them and they defect and start trying to kill you...that shouldn't happen at all.

Another annoying aspect is the co-op. Only online and the saved files can be very easily glitched as one player hosts while the other joins. I started playing with my friend and although i have a seperate save file for my co-op character I never have any of my stuff when we reload after starting from the last save. Very irritating but at least it has co-op.

On the whole a very good zombie game but not quite as serious as the likes of left 4 dead or dead island, certainly worth a buy if you're into zombie games :D

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