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[REC] Shutter - Ghost Horror Game

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For all the ***** who give this game as a low score do to bad gameplay mechanics and bad lighting, i submit to you. Would it be as creepy if there were bright lightbulbs everywhere and if you could wack the monster with your camera. NO, the game is beautiful, all though the controls are a little clunky its a beautiful games that scares the bejeezus out of you. The lack of light is due to the LACK OF LIGHTS WHICH ADDS TO THE GOD DAMN ATMOSPHERE. The night vision on the camera makes up for the lack of lighting. The static on the camera is caused by the creature that is chasing you. This game isn't supposed to give you directions, its based on the old idea of learn to survive or die. So if you dont like it because you get killed to much or you get lost, then here's an idea, go back to your easy ******** games like Call Of Duty which tells you what to do at every goddamn turn. If you can see past all the tiny issues and can truly enjoy the game, then welcome friend.



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Tho ive been incapable of playing this game so far i will give it a 10. I give it this because of the Developers constant community activity and quick response to anyones issue. And even if he doesnt have a quick fix, he does whatever he can to remedy the situation as fast as possible.



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because i know i will never sleep again


Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Game review

Such an excellent game, Enough said.



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Simply amazing, i would suggest this game to anyone who enjoys FPS or Minecraft. I honestly cannot wait to see how this game evolves, i can't wait to see what this game eventually becomes.



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Im giving this a ten because of all the people that claimed the puzzles were "to hard" or that the game wasnt "scarey enough". Puzzle games are meant to be hard, you should welcome a challenge not complain about it. As for scarey, its not all about "boom slenderman right in your face" scarey, this is much more a game based on paranoia, it is enjoyable but you have to be open to the idea that this game isnt going to offer you advice, YOU ACTUALLY HAVE TO THINK. Is that really so difficult.

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