After getting to grips with Max Payne's modding tools over the years, I moved on to Worldcraft for Half Life and then Hammer for Source. I'm not part of any modding team, I just like to create custom content for my games in my spare time. I hope you enjoy it. :)

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Ithaca 37 (Another Shotgun)

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Yeah.. I was supposed to be trying out other models but I just couldn't help making this awesome shotgun. It happens to be the same model used by Kyle Reese in The Terminator so it'll protect you against the average T-800.

Ithaca 37 in Milkshape 3D

It didn't take too long to make, simple shapes again. I've had a hard time trying to find a photograph of the shell ejector underneath this gun, so I may have to make it up and just hope it looks authentic enough. Not sure what games I'm going to put it in, but I'll probably have a go at Half Life 2 this time.

Ithaca 37 Textures

Made the textures myself, rather than using the photographic method that I did for my first Mossberg 500. Quite happy with the result, but I definitely need to make something other than guns now.. If I can.

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I made a Shotgun

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So yeah, today I thought I'd try modelling another prop, but I couldn't think of anything so I did a gun instead. Shotguns are made out of really simple shapes which helped. This is the first weapon model that I've ever actually finished, so I'm quite happy with it. Hopefully I can learn how to create v_ models for Half Life so I can get it in game as a first person view weapon.

User Posted Image
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More model stuff to come.

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Half Life Modelling

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So I've been learning how to make models recently, mostly for Half Life but I have made stuff for Max Payne before. Process is the same. The first thing I tried to make was my own head which took several tries and eventually turned out looking .. rather shit, but it was still a fully modelled head and I was happy enough with it.

Now I'm just making random props that would be too difficult to build with brushes. First of which is my computer monitor, one that I had repaired recently.

User Posted Image User Posted Image
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Compiled as a GoldSrc (Half Life 1 engine) prop (Works in Half Life 2 as well with some simple edits to the .qc compile code). I had to manually create the hitbox by typing out co-ordinates, that was pretty whack but it worked. Made me feel like a hacker or something. :D

So yeah, modelling things is fun. It's pretty awesome seeing something you created in game, and in Half Life it's easy to make sequences, for example I could make it so the monitor has a sequence where it's turned off with a blank screen, being controlled using a trigger in Hammer. Piece of piss.

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