Hello my name is Michael and I am a Composer/Audio Designer I have had 6 years experience working in the industry. I'm looking to offer my services to anyone that needs it as I'm working on my portfolio. If you've seen my page and are interested drop me a line. Cheers

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Not been on here for a while..

TheMic609 Blog

Wow. It's been ages since I've updated my blog on here. Not that many people read it. Either way I've got myself a nice cushy job doing Music, SFX and Foley art for Project contigency. Plus I'm composing for another halo RTS mod Elysian fields. It's good fun and I'm pretty sure you halo fans would've herd of them. I'll be uploading more music related to those projects. I'll keep any of you that actually follow me updated with how it's all going. That's all for now.

Looking for work

TheMic609 Blog

Well Now that I've finished the music for HFC I'm looking for something to keep me occupied. If anyone notices this and would be interested in Music SFX and possibly voice acting please have a look at my sound cloud ect. I'm working on getting a company website up But it's taking time but I will link it on my profile when I have it up and working. Just drop me a PM

Finished music work for Halo fleet command

TheMic609 Blog

I've finally finished the work for Halo fleet command please if you're interested check it out on my sound cloud


New work

TheMic609 Blog 2 comments

I have been given the honour to compose an original score for Halo fleet command me and possibly sound design and voice acting (maybe) Me and my team are looking forward to it Can't wait. Also if you do read my blog (wouldn't surprise me if no one does) Please contact me if you need music SFX and voice acting, I would be happy to be of service.

Finished Beta Sounds

TheMic609 Blog

I have just recently finished the beta sounds for HSI these consist of weapons and engines. Being beta sounds they are just ideas and I will be doing a complete overhaul for the main release. I have also wrote down song ideas and will be recording them in the studio and posting on soundcloud youtube ect.
Thats all for now

First Blog

TheMic609 Blog

Well I'm no good when it comes to blog but I thought I should give it a try. I'm working on the HSI Mod (Halo Star-side Intercept) Good team good fun already half way thru making the SFX and I have some song Ideas and I may post them is people would be interested. Please check out the mod at. Moddb.com Also if anyone is good at modelling, texturing, coding or any other form of modding please try to help out

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