im just a guy im not better then anyone an anyway and im very new to this.

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this is a great mod get it you will not regret it. its one of the best mods ive ever played and if your a coder or mapper or something that can help make mods see if you can help with this one its great and if the team works hard on episode 2 i bet it will be great and they can reach great heights if they try. the gameplay was great, one suggestion though the melees could have more range other then that its great . i think that adding a zombie survival mode would be cool but i know your teams a little short right know. i bet the team of 1187 will move on to work for gabe.. i mean valve or other big name electronc companies so good luck guys and and as kliner said "best of luck in your future endevors" and i hope you recieve more members to the team that can work as hard as you.

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