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Battlefield Pirates 2

Mod review

CNC Fallout

Mod review

A really well detailed mod this is with a flair for unique styles of art and definate gameplay style changes , While some of the sides seem a little too simmilar there is enough variety here to keep you going at this mod for a reasonable time.. if it only had some more custom maps and some mission maps happening for it to increase the fun factor.
This im sure will help increase the mods playability and Lucky for us henford has opted to share the mod earlier.

Good points :

So many new units that look cool
Neutral faction items have been given a facelift of larger portions
New powers and tweaked powers that look and feel great.
New music : some really cool stuff too.
Menus look good and are well arranged and completely imerse you into thinking the mod is a whole new game.. well done there.

Bad Points :

No super units... nothing that stands out so much better then the others that gives something extra.
So many powers that one finds it troublesome as certain factions.
Play styles once much loved cannot be used due to charectors not having a capture all non defence structures has now been altered for certain sides such as Australia...Russian side hasnt got this issue nor has the Nato side.
Music arrangement when playing can tell you what the other player is up to.


C&C 3: The Forgotten

Mod review

Balanced well made and seriously cool.
The maps are stunning well done predatore and all the other mappers.
Adds a very cool campaign...
great video looks very professional given its no budget.
The Models and Gameplay.. just simply superb.

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