I am a dreamer, sometimes a coder/artist/designer/modeler/animator/gamer/listener/helper/student/thinker, and much more. I like to think of things that nothing is impossible, and I learned throughout time that there'll always be another day that'll be a better day. A nice quote I like to live to is: Death smiles at us all, all we can do is smile back. The only thing that I believe in is a persons will, If one really wants to do something he/she will be capable to do such a thing, that's how I learned most of the stuff that I know.

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Well, first release will take some longer than expected, I don't know when it will be. My work was destroyed, so I have to do it all over again, besides that I'm also working in Invasion Confirmed where a functioning King Oni will be in the next release, that's where I'm working on now.

As for my own mod, I first need to get clear what I exactly want as a mod.
Latest idea is to redevise ZH and make completely new generals to replace the older ones, with four factions each consisting of three Generals, and several AI-not-programmed extra factions(under which United Nations) Current decided Generals:

O-General Micron (Drones)
D-General 508 (Urban warfare)
A-General ? (advanced weapon systems)

D-General Ba Sin Sé (Sneaky warfare)
O-General Sin Sé Re'vup (Gattling weaponry)
A-General Tsing Shi Tao (Nuclear Mass)

A-General ? (Maffia)
D-General? (underground)
O-General? (?)

Russia's Legacy
D-General Electra "Blackout" (Tesla Technology)
A-General Vladimir Kuzniekov (Winter Warlord(advanced armor divisons and Camouflage))
O-General Oleg "Apoc" (Mass Destruction and insulting opponents)

Russia will hold Conyard based construction, USA base auto heal, china's structures might gain a horde bonus, GLA structures rebuild when destroyed(GLAhole).

Before each General a letter is put: an A,D or O, these show their tactical best:
A = Assaulting.
D = Defense.
O = Other, can be a combination of defense and assault, but can also just be a wierd faction.

Hope someone reads this and says what he/thinks of it, would love to hear it.

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