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For quite some time now I've been playing Zero Hour with great fun, now I think it's time for me to create my own Zero Hour mod.

I already have some ideas like adding numerous factions, untherwhich a Super Soviet Faction called Russia's Legacy. If anyone has some nice thoughts of ideas, feel free to post them :)

Russia's Legacy will hold:
- Main Faction
- Tesla General
- Destruction General
- Siberia General

New things for USA:
- New Generals:
- Urban General
- Drone General
- New Airforce, not yet defined.

New China things:
- New Generals:
- China's Sneaky General(Ideas exist but will maybe not be that easy to create).
- China's Gattling General
- Omega Emperor for Kwai (=8xbigger than normal Emperor)

New GLA stuf:
- New Generals:
- GLA Mobster General
- No seccond GLA General yet, have an idea, just post it.
- Power for GLA, for new powered base defenses.

First Release will hold a partially done General Kwai, a bit of the new working method, 1 New Genaral: General Zero, and perhaps a bit of General Tao.

Currently my first release will probably be before 31 December 2010.

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