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Work is starting quite nicely, Most of the UN vehicles are done, and Kwai will come up soon too.

First release will probably hold a completed Kwai, Part of the UN, and a bit of Tao. Also it will hold the new accuracy and range for the modded factions.

United Nations:
-Defensive faction which prefers not hurt the civilian population, they have rather limited unit types.
-Finished units:
-UN Humvee: has a machinegun and can transport 7 soldiers, the soldiers can't fire out.
-PeaceKeeper Tank: Medium tank with reasonable firepower, it's the UN MBT.
-Paladin Tank: Heavy Tank with a defensive laser to take out small rockets and infantry.
-Paladin Artillery: Classified(don't try guessing what it does, you'll just have to try it in the game)

New ideas which might be added:
-GLA Supply truck,
-RAD and Toxins only damage infantry,
-Realistic ammo ammounts,
-MBT for Granger,
-MBT for Alexander,
-"MBT" for Fai,
-Light Tank for Kassad.

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