I am a dreamer, sometimes a coder/artist/designer/modeler/animator/gamer/listener/helper/student/thinker, and much more. I like to think of things that nothing is impossible, and I learned throughout time that there'll always be another day that'll be a better day. A nice quote I like to live to is: Death smiles at us all, all we can do is smile back. The only thing that I believe in is a persons will, If one really wants to do something he/she will be capable to do such a thing, that's how I learned most of the stuff that I know.

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I'm currently doing Computerscience, and when done i hope to create my own game.

But for now I'm rather busy with college, and learning.

This does however not mean that I won't be modding, lately i started work on Gaidb again, and I've made some cnc-series concept artfor the Tiberian Twilight mod.

Bad luck has been very overwhelming the past month, both home computer and laptop broken, now they both work again(hopefully staying that way for a long time) laptop needed a new harddrive, as windows demolished it with it's indexing, so I'm now running 7 and linux(ubuntu).

Statusreport mods contribution:
Gaisb: done some fixing, made balance change, started working on RA3 V4 area damage weapon.

Tiberian Twilight: done some concept art: redesign idea Cyborg commando, Nod Obelisk, Nod Buggy, Nod Cycle, Harpy, Tank(no name yet).

Invasion Confirmed: started working on RA3 V4 area damage weapon, this will offcourse go to IC as well :)

Current personal quests:
-find a official location to buy a Starcraft 2 cd-key for max 35euro's.
-make my own game engine.
-finish GAISB.
-learn texturing w3d models...

End of transmission, the message will explode in 20 secconds... Have a nice day :)

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