I am a dreamer, sometimes a coder/artist/designer/modeler/animator/gamer/listener/helper/student/thinker, and much more. I like to think of things that nothing is impossible, and I learned throughout time that there'll always be another day that'll be a better day. A nice quote I like to live to is: Death smiles at us all, all we can do is smile back. The only thing that I believe in is a persons will, If one really wants to do something he/she will be capable to do such a thing, that's how I learned most of the stuff that I know.

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ZH functions again, I learned myself some modelling skills, unfortunately no texturing skills, I have a list of stuf to do, and I've decided what the first release will bring.

Current problems, I've got two:
1 = I can't texture, no matter what I try in GMAX/RENX, not that I really care, a mod is for fun, not to look good.
2 = I spotted a problem with infantry, as in the moment that I'll be capable of producing decent infantry might never come.

Good news:
-My list method works really good, as in I can do about one unit every day, that is coding + modelling.
-I'm learning progressively, I almost figured out how to animate some things.
-The mod will be holding some suprices.
-I'm posting my finding on PPMsite now, everytime I have a major breakthrough I post a tutorial there to help others.
-To help other mods, some of my homemade models will become availible for use in other mods.

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