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Harper Brown (view original)

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Brown is a well connected man in the underworld, dealing in vital information and dark secrets. He is called upon to dig up dirt, track down certain people, find rare artifacts, his services are varied and quite expensive.

Whether Harper Brown is his true name or not, that is the one he gives to everyone he encounters. He has worked for the Hutt Cartel, the Black Sun Pirates and numerous other gangs, even dealing with certain officials in the Federation and Empire. Of course, his job is a very risky one, and sometimes he finds himself in large amounts of trouble.

Brown had managed to discover the location of a Sith outpost. Suddenly, everything good in life turned bad, and he was hunted down for months. He managed to use his wits and skills to avoid capture, though eventually he was caught by the Sith.

However, instead of killing him, the Sith made a deal. They employed Brown as their agent, ordering him to track down certain artifacts, gather intel on certain planets or high ranking officials. Eventually he was put under the direct command of Lord Nil. In turn, Nil put Brown under Tihr's supervision. Tihr respects Brown, as he does Karis, though his self serving nature and lack of any true purpose in life disgusts him somewhat. The duo normally argue quite a lot, though both realize the other's importance. Tihr normally uses Brown as his primary source of intel and support on any missions he is involved in.


Brown is the definition of a scoundrel, not caring for anyone but himself. He rarely smiles, though he has a certain way with words that impress even the Sith, and his ability to spin a lie has proven invaluable in the past.

His greedy nature isn't the only thing keeping him with the Sith, he realizes the danger they pose. They tracked him down once, an impressive feat, but to betray them would mean death, something Brown isn't very fond of.

He is a decent technicien and mechanic, and can shoot a pistol well enough to defend himself.

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